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14:11 Redmine Defect #17528: AJAX uploading shows multiple uploads and inputs
Seems as though this has to affect tons of people, and perhaps Chrome needs to fix this, but affects me too +1. Brandon Liles


14:44 Redmine Defect #17579 (Closed): Edit Watchers List Loses Checked Watchers When Performing Multiple Searches
When editing the watchers list on an issue, if you search for a user, click their name but do not click "Add", and th... Brandon Liles


20:43 Redmine Feature #7849: custom issue relation types
+1 Definitely agree. In our organization we assign review tickets for another developer to review our work. We curre... Brandon Liles


16:38 Redmine Feature #10541: Fixed start date for gantt chart (per project)
I definitely agree with this request. To see how the project is tracking, it is very helpful to see what has b...
Brandon Liles


04:19 Redmine Feature #12032: Collapsible Sidebar
Your theme has to use a flexible layout, the content div needs to set width=auto, overflow=auto in the ...
Brandon Liles


19:10 Redmine Feature #12032: Collapsible Sidebar
Sorry I was slow to provide the patch, diff is attached. The only other thing you need is to apply a little bit of C... Brandon Liles


20:17 Redmine Feature #12032 (Closed): Collapsible Sidebar
We frequently have meetings in our conference room where we refer to Redmine for information about projects and issue... Brandon Liles
19:55 Redmine Patch #11898: Inheritable issue categories
+1 Brandon Liles


15:57 Redmine Feature #8681: Closed & Archived projects
+1 Brandon Liles
15:54 Redmine Feature #9462: Customizable Number of Context Lines in Revision View
I know this is a pretty horrible patch, but it is what we are currently using until something better comes along, bas... Brandon Liles

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