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17:16 Redmine Open discussion: Getting the authentication object (session) of redmine in order to write in it.
Hi people
I have a project (a PHP website). I want to access to my Redmine through this one. Therefore, the creden...


11:55 Redmine Help: RE: LDAP authorisation with OpenLDAP
Hey John
Thanks for your post. It helps me a lot, however I can't connect to my LDAP yet.
The account and passwo...


14:34 Redmine Open discussion: Error: Invalid command 'RailsEnv' using apache
I'm trying to work with redmine and apache together. However I get the following error:
ruben@xxx:/etc$ sudo servi...


17:38 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Cannot install Redmine - Rake - undefined method `requirement'
Hi guys
I just figured it out how to fix this.
I just got the version of gem like this and I realised that I had ...
15:01 Redmine Open discussion: Cannot install Redmine - Rake - undefined method `requirement'
Hi people, I'm trying to install Redmine but I got this error:
ruben@xxx:~/svn-repositories/redmine-1.3$ RAILS_ENV...

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