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11:22 Redmine Plugins: Extending Redmine view templates in your plugins (new way)
As you know, there are only two ways of extending Redmine views in plug-ins: use view hooks and rewrites....


12:45 Redmine Development: RE: 'Email notifications' x 'news'
Hi, you can use my "Anonymous Watchers plug-in":


15:48 Redmine Feature #5250: Custom Fields may allow full text transformation
Check also my plugin for this functionality:


06:07 Redmine Defect #11736 (Closed): New multi-line macros regexp (MACROS_RE) is too eager
Using trunk (pre-2.1.0) version, Ruby 1.9.3 (Windows)
Tried latest macros feature: multi-line macros. I wrote macro,...

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