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10:01 Redmine Defect #38242 (New): Show negative values with Textile
I encountered this problem while make a list like this :
- Item 1 had a temperature of 12°C
- Item 2 had a temper...


14:15 Redmine Open discussion: How to raise awareness for issues ?
Redmine has some important functionalities still missing today, with issues opened more then 10 years ago still getti...
14:12 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND
+1 ! Redmine has some glaringly missing functionalities, and this is one of them.


10:21 Redmine Feature #12005: Mightful workflow field enhancement: hide


16:25 Redmine Open discussion: Reopening the workflows per project issue
As many users have pointed out, an open issue for Redmine is that you cannot have a different workflow for different ...


11:59 Redmine Patch #20384: Proposal: Workflow enhancement
Hi Frederico !
-May I suggest making a branch of 5.0-stable on your public git ?-
-I'd like to use this via Docke...


12:24 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
12:20 Redmine Feature #973: Assign different status sets and workflows for separate projects
I think it is a real weakness for redmine to not have workflows by project. This was also raised up but shot do...


15:28 Redmine Open discussion: Good themes for Redmine 5
Is there any good theme with a style relatively close to Material UI (at least have the button be buttons and not jus...
11:03 Redmine Plugins: Trello-like plugin (not linked to issues)
I'd like to have a Trello-like page with simple Todos.
These should not be linked to issues, as they would be extrem...

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