Stavros Korokithakis

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23:32 Redmine Feature #3819: Issue Tracking box on the project overview isn't clear
"28 of 30 open" would be clearer indeed.
15:14 Redmine Feature #3826 (Closed): It would be good if Redmine showed repository statistics on mapped names.
Some committers in my repository used various names to commit, and we have mapped them to their Redmine accounts. The...


15:01 Redmine Feature #3783: Change owner of issue in commit
If I may interject here, how would this work? Would you specify (fixes #23, reassign to John Doe)? What if the name w...


20:54 Redmine Feature #3436: Show relations in Gantt diagram
Even if the relationships aren't shown, it would be immensely useful if the time dependencies were. For example, if i...

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