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09:37 Redmine Patch #2066: Default private status for project creation
This is possible.
Quote Rails API:
Returns a checkbox tag tailored for accessing a specified attribute (identifie...
Tommy Jensen


12:54 Redmine Patch #1386: Redmine database should use redm_prefix!
One should try to use a database for a single application for security reasons.
If not - update the mig...
Tommy Jensen


15:58 Redmine Feature #1300: Log time control
Please explain this feature a bit more.
It will probably not make it into the 0.7-series.
Tommy Jensen


14:29 Redmine Defect #1292: error preview of new wiki page: Internal server error
When you upgraded, did you do a rake db:migrate ,and restart the server (mongrel/webrick/..) afterwards?
And between ...
Tommy Jensen
12:57 Redmine Defect #1292: error preview of new wiki page: Internal server error
Please provide the version string for redmine, what database (and preferrably version) you are using, if this happens... Tommy Jensen


14:01 Redmine Feature #1277: Add iPhone specific view
+1 Tommy Jensen


11:49 Redmine Feature #1196: Add versioning for Files and Documents
+1 Tommy Jensen
10:46 Redmine Feature #1193: Staff-only notes with Role-base access control
+1 Tommy Jensen
10:31 Redmine Feature #1195: Membership logging
Agreed. +1 :) Tommy Jensen


19:01 Redmine Feature #1018: Group or company feature.
So far in its own tree (work/groups), but it seems very stable. Undergoing testing/QA for regressions until Friday 9t... Tommy Jensen

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