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Add versioning for Files and Documents

Added by Anthony Nwokafor almost 15 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Would it be possible to implement some versioning for the Files and Documents. Sometimes one might want to keep versions of a particular document without checking it into subversion or CVS e.g Statement of Work

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Just an idea: Use git to version the files, and make a branch from an empty repository for each issue/document. Perform the versioning of the added documents in the specific branch. This way it would be possible to pull the documents into the repository as submodules.

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Adding to Jone's comment, perhaps some changes to the SCM adapters would be needed (and it would only be enabled when a repository is configured).

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Very useful, we tend to create some visio documents/files.
Because we only want source code & related files in the file repository, we tend not to version those documents.

Would be very nice if you could integrate "versionable" documents, simple versioning would suffice

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I believe this issue to be handled as mentioned in Feature #1726.

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Very useful!

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Could this be handled also this way: If there multiple documents with the same filename, only the newest one will be shown and the rest can be accessed for example collapsing ("+") icon beside it or something like that. But it would be nice if the document timestamp contained also seconds.

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Any activity on this by anyone? Any patches for example?

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I think this is related to #800, #2555, and #991 possibly some more!

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  • Related to deleted (Feature #2555: Possibility for update Documents - version control )

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