Brandon Bertelsen

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18:14 Redmine Help: Edit routes.rb such that home page is custom query page
Is there a way to edit routes.rb such that the home page is actually a custom query?
It seems pretty simple to re...
02:51 Redmine Feature #3760: E-mail notifications for issue update/creation should include the attachments in t...


05:35 Redmine Defect #13714 (Closed): no account notice setting works in mail handler script but not rake task
I was asked to open this as a new issue:
no_account_notice=1 doesn't se...


22:05 Redmine Feature #11498: Add --no-account-notice option for the mail handler script
This feature doesn't seem to work in cron. Example:
*/30 * * * * cd /usr/share/redmine && rake redmine:email:rece...
10:16 Redmine Defect #13704 (Closed): Receiving Email Instructions typo
04:26 Redmine Help: RE: Problem with Gmail notification settings
It should be noted that if you installed on Ubuntu using apt, there are two settings locations only one of which is f...

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