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18:26 Redmine Feature #7056 (Closed): Download all attachments at once
Did a quick search to see if this had been reported; didn't see anything.
Basically I'd like there to be a way to ...


21:32 Redmine Defect #5560 (New): Changing System Time Zone Causes Issue Updates to Change Order
We installed Redmine on a VPS that had its time zone set at one value. We changed it to match our local time. Subse...


19:37 Redmine Feature #5239: privilege to assign an issue
I'd like to be able to manage permissions on any field in the new issue form as well.


20:06 Redmine Feature #4305: More granular control over notification e-mails.
My organization is also interested in getting granular control over email notifications. For example, some of our us...


22:51 Redmine Defect #4618 (Closed): Adding an Attachment to an Issue of the Same Name as Another Attachment Ov...
Steps taken that produce this behavior,
# An issue has an attachment made to it (usually in my case, a screenshot...


17:20 Redmine Help: RE: Handling Multiple Paragraphs With Quoting
Another problem with using <pre> is that I can't inline images without breaking out and back in.


18:11 Redmine Help: Handling Multiple Paragraphs With Quoting
In our workflow, we have to update a lot of issues with out-of-band discussion/information (most of the time, emails ...

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