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10:16 Redmine Feature #6217: When creating a subtask, pre-fill fields Target version, Category & Start- and Due...
This is very very useful for us, when adding a new subtask to Redmine, each of said fields is pre-filled with th...


10:39 Redmine Plugins: How to create plugin using Model Hooks
I am using redmine 2.4.4 ,i wanr to be create new plugin for custom_field using Model Hooks any one can gi...
05:59 Redmine Help: Javascript Error
@Moderator note: I've deleted your post from "Open discussion", stop crossposting! Thank you! --Jan Niggemann@


07:01 Redmine Plugins: How to new plugin in redmine 2.2.4
Hi team,
I am newpi in redmine how to create new plugin using ruby 1.9.3 with rails 3.2.14 any one give me s...


12:32 Redmine Open discussion: Email Notification for manager

I am using redmine 2.2.x, in my app each and every time the issue updating getting email notific...


09:46 Redmine Help: I want an email notifications reducing for watcher
Hi Team,
I have use redmine 2.2.4 in create new issue getting email notifications, my problem is watchers ...

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