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Specific text instead of addresses to the Redmine internal links

Added by Ivan Cenov over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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If you want to display a specific text instead of the URL, you can use the standard textile syntax:

"Redmine web site":http://www.redmine.org

It would be great if this was possible with the internal Redmine links. Example:


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I really agree, this is something that I miss and that I often think about when I'm writing down a source reference, for example.

#4 Updated by Paulo Neves over 9 years ago

This is really important for me also as i like to have links in wiki to repository. This is more or less essential as the repository reflects the core of knowledge created, which of course is internal.

#5 Updated by Dipan Mehta about 9 years ago

+1. Yes, this would be very valuable.

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+1 This would be amazing to have.

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If implemented it should also work for project description, please.

This ticket seems to be related to #4052.

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