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11:16 Redmine Feature #23984 (New): Add profile option to permanently disable the mobile version/style
Some of our users would like to have the default/desktop style of redmine also when using their mobile browser. As Sa...


15:06 Redmine Help: RE: Customizing fields in notification emails
I could not find a matching request and thus opened a new one: #23524.
15:05 Redmine Feature #23524 (New): Add option to make the header info of the notification mails configurable
As discussed in this "thread":http://www.redmine.org/boards/2/topics/37282?r=50703 it would be quite useful if one co...
14:47 Redmine Help: RE: Customizing fields in notification emails
It would be best, if the fields to be included in the notification emails were configurable in the administrative set...


14:24 Redmine Feature #23403: Make default search scope configurable
Duplicate of #9909. Would still be great if this feature could be implemented now as well, when the search box seems ...
14:20 Redmine Feature #23403 (Closed): Make default search scope configurable
Right now the quick search box only searches the current project. In #22125 the person asking would like to have the ...


02:31 Redmine Feature #19077 (New): Make size of avatars configurable
If you're using photo avatars the default sizes of avatar pictures (50x50 px² and 24x24 px²) are to small to actually...


17:39 Redmine Feature #2677: Show "unread" items in the issue list
+1 this should really be core functionality as otherwise the forum/board is not that useful.


17:52 Redmine Feature #10248: Specific text instead of addresses to the Redmine internal links
If implemented it should also work for project description, please.
This ticket seems to be related to issue:#4052.


22:12 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Who's happy with current subtask/dates handling
I'd also like to have a toggle for this behaviour as an option.

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