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different estimated time units hours<>days per tracker type

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Category:Issues planning
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For product planning and project management, I propose in addition to Feature #1953
  • make unit of estimated time configurable (is a float anyway)
  • support time unit days in addition to hours (maybe even weeks and at least for the Feature tracker)
  • make this configurable differently for Feature/Support/Bug trackers.
To avoid the need to provide converting routines, when change of unit is allowed later
  • internally the unit could stay hour (estimated, spent) and
  • a day should equal 8 hours (or configurable amount).

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Although I think it should be per issue choice (replace the "Hours" label with a dropdown list).

#4 Updated by Oğuz Kağan Aslan over 6 years ago

Our projects have small tasks, so in the dropdown menu a choice must be the "*minutes*".

#5 Updated by budo kaiman almost 5 years ago

+1 It would be great if redmine could detect and adjust the display format based on this.

value display
24.0 hours 3.0 days
0.5 hours 30 minutes
40.0 hours 1 week

It would also be nice to have mixed formats.

value display
48.0 hours 1 week 1 day
4.5 hours 4 hours 30 minutes

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  • Duplicated by Feature #22578: change estimated time -- 'hours' to 'days' added

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  • Related to Feature #877: ability to vary the units used to track time added

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