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More custom queries on My page

Added by Igor Rybak over 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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According to #1565#note-88 created issue. Lets increase number of custom queries on My page up to 10.
Or add an administrative setting to set number of possible blocks with queries (certainly with some maximum).

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Related to Redmine - Feature #1565: Custom query on My pageClosedJean-Philippe Lang2008-07-03

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A setting to control the maximum number of queries sounds a must to me. I had the case once of a user who had put 5 or even more blocks in his page, and who had used a Chrome plugin to refresh his page every minute. It put our redmine server on its knees...
Of course, when I told him to find another way to be aware of changes quickly, he found another solution, but it is a risk.
Also note that the redmine_my_page plugin works quite well.

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Jean-Philippe, what do you think about increasing the maximum number of "issuequery" block?

Index: lib/redmine/my_page.rb
--- lib/redmine/my_page.rb    (revision 17668)
+++ lib/redmine/my_page.rb    (working copy)
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
         'issuesassignedtome' => {:label => :label_assigned_to_me_issues},
         'issuesreportedbyme' => {:label => :label_reported_issues},
         'issueswatched' => {:label => :label_watched_issues},
-        'issuequery' => {:label => :label_issue_plural, :max_occurs => 3},
+        'issuequery' => {:label => :label_issue_plural, :max_occurs => 5},
         'news' => {:label => :label_news_latest},
         'calendar' => {:label => :label_calendar},
         'documents' => {:label => :label_document_plural},
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We should probably load content asynchronously before raising the number of queries that can be displayed.


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