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Email Fetcher catch no Mails with smiley

Added by C S about 1 month ago. Updated 2 days ago.

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Every time the system receives an e-mail (from Windows Outlook) with a smiley, the retrieval does not work ...
There is no error message, we can see that the mail has been read, but it will not be imported. In this case, no further emails are imported.
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#1 Updated by C S about 1 month ago

Also does not work if an email (with ticket header) sent by the system is replied to

#2 Updated by Michael K. about 1 month ago

We have similar problem with our Redmine, but I cannot confirm that it's the emoticon issue.
Sometimes once in a multiple emails, the message is marked as READ in inbox (Gmail IMAP) but is not updated in the Redmine.

What I've managed to find:

1. The problem is not present when creating new issue (ie. emails not connected to existing tickets are always read correctly into the system)

2. When someone "bumps" their email in existing issue bumped email is not read into the system (ie. sends an email to help@ inbox, issue is created, I answer in redmine, he/she gets notification and then answers this email notification once to update an issue, and then forwards own answer again to help@, then first mail is read correctly and second stays in the inbox - marked as READ but not put into redmine)

3. Yesterday we got an issue no #1213, my collegaue answered notfication about new issue creation, his message hasn't been put into Redmine, just marked as READ in gmail inbox - production.log stays silent about that, just some lines regarding "missing scope, creating scope :system" etc)

I conducted various test - I told him to answer again removing all other content of email, email signature, etc.
I moved issue to another project, I've even elevated his rights to Project Manager (who has all the privelages) - didn't help
I changed rake command in crontab (allow ovveride, no persmission check etc) didn't help
I tried to answer to issue myslef, forawrding his email - didn't help

It worked after I added myself as issue observer, answered issue in Redmine directly, and then went to my inbox and answered notification about that issue change

It's very weird because the problem happens to maybe 5% of mails (maybe even less) but sometimes it's a pain in the ***, especially when I cannot tell some people (from sales department) to "log in to redmine and answer there"...

  Redmine version                4.0.6.stable
  Ruby version                   2.7.0-p0 (2019-12-25) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
  Rails version                  5.2.3
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2
  Mailer queue                   ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
  Mailer delivery                smtp
  Git                            2.25.1
Redmine plugins:
  reopen_issues_by_mail          0.1.0

#3 Updated by C S 9 days ago

I made another Test:

3 Mails send from Outlook 365 to redmine:
  1. First Mail - Standard with no smiley
  2. Second Mail - Standard With a smiley between text
  3. Third Mail - Standard with no smiley
Redmine Email rake task
  1. Fist Mail - catch, Notfication Mail send, but not deleted!, marked in Mailbox as unread
  2. Second Mail, no catch, no notification, no visible error msg, marked in Mailbox as read
  3. Third Mail, no catch, no notification, no visible error msg, marked in Mailbox as unread.

After i delete the second mail, the catcher works again...

  Redmine version                4.1.1.stable
  Ruby version                   2.4.10-p364 (2020-03-31) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
  Rails version        
  Environment                    production
  Database adapter               Mysql2
  Mailer queue                   ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
  Mailer delivery                smtp
  Subversion                     1.9.3
  Mercurial                      3.7.3
  Cvs                            1.12.13
  Bazaar                         2.7.0
  Git                            2.28.0
Redmine plugins:
  additionals                    3.0.2-master
  mobile_issue_table             0.0.1
  redmine_checklists             3.1.18
  redmine_ckeditor               1.2.3
  redmine_contacts               4.3.2
  redmine_dmsf                   2.4.5
  redmine_issue_dynamic_edit     0.7.2
  redmine_issue_todo_lists       1.3
  redmine_issue_view_columns     1.0.1
  redmine_lightbox2              0.5.1
  redmine_logs                   0.2.0
  redmine_questions              1.0.2
  redmine_wktime                 4.1.1
  redmine_xapian                 2.0.3

#4 Updated by Marius BALTEANU 4 days ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Resolution set to Duplicate

The smiley issue is generated by your database configuration, most probably you are using MySQL with a column encoding such as utf8 which can not store 4-Byte unicode characters (such as most emojis or special characters) If that is the case, see #10772.

In Redmine 4.1 we fixed this problem for new fresh installations (#31921), but for existing installations, before making that change, you need to migrate your database. In the mentioned tickets, you can find various links to articles that describe the process. Please be aware that it's a sensitive process and I highly recommend to backup your data before proceeding.

Please reopen if I'm wrong.

#5 Updated by Marius BALTEANU 4 days ago

Michael, for your problem, can you open a new tichet? it seems to be another issue on your case.

#6 Updated by Marius BALTEANU 4 days ago

  • Duplicates Feature #31921: Changes to properly support 4 byte characters (emoji) when database is MySQL added

#7 Updated by C S 2 days ago

Great...i found my mistake.
Database was set to utf8mb4_unicode_ci but the config not ;)
Thank you very much for your support!

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