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move issue tool should also have a target category field

Added by Lucas Panjer almost 13 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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If I need to move a bunch of issues from a one project to another, I often want to keep them together by placing them into a category of the target project.

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#1 Updated by Ве Fio over 12 years ago

It also makes sense inside a project. I keep forgetting that I can't "move" an issue to another category. Move is the logical place to look for that.

#2 Updated by Felix Schäfer over 12 years ago

No, the Category is an attribute of the ticket and is changeable in the Update pane, the Move action is really only intended for moving tickets from one project to another (which involves some more backend processing than "just" changing an attribute).

Anyway, Category is available for mass-editing in the issue list, so you could just select all the issues for which you want to change the category, right-click on an "empty" space of the selected issues and assign them a new Category.

#3 Updated by Lucas Panjer over 12 years ago

The original use case that failed without this feature was as follows:

  1. Have two projects A and B
  2. Have many issues in each project, many categorized, many uncategorized.
  3. Try to move a set of issues from project A (category 1) into project B (category 2).
  4. Note to yourself that you can't assign category 2 on move at this point.

Since you can't assign the category on move, and I believe the category is only sticky if you have the same category in both projects, it's very easy to lose the issues you just moved in the morass of uncategorized issues in project B. Obviously you can go find all the issues and assign a category, but it's not always easy to find them when you have non-trivial numbers of issues.

There is a workaround of creating matching fake categories in each project before you do these moves, but this is obviously unintuitive.

Hopefully this clarifies the motivation for such a feature.

#4 Updated by Alex Last about 12 years ago

we just hit the same problem. it's VERY inconvenient to move hundreds of issues from 1 project to another (we're reorganizing our redmine categories structure).
a must-have step is "choose related categories":
src cat1 --> dest category1

#5 Updated by asd asd over 10 years ago


#6 Updated by Etienne Massip over 10 years ago

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#7 Updated by Go MAEDA over 6 years ago

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The feature to move issues was integrated with the issue update form by #4769 (Redmine 1.4.0) and now we can choose a category on a destination project.

#8 Updated by Go MAEDA over 6 years ago

  • Related to Feature #4769: Ability to move an issue to a different project from the update form added

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