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I'd like to get/implement an application that may require the REST API to provide the needed functionality.

I hope this is inspiring to you since I think it is good idea.

First, consider a ticket can have a state in-progress. This would allow to see who is working on what. What would be quite helpful for a project manager but also for team members. With this custom queries could be created to get an fast overview of the current work situation.

Second, consider that for general project managment there is not only a bug and a feature tracker but also a task tracker.

Now the API gets involved for two possible desktop applications:

1) A GUI that lists the users tickets, that are the tickets that the user is assigned to. So the user sees what needs to be done. Each list entry could have some (hover) buttons where the user can signal Redmine that he or she has started with the task/bug/feature or whatever, what would be the in-progress state, or resolved it, tested it and so on. The entries could be colourized to reflect the priority.

So this is very personlized view on Redmine tickets which makes it much more user friendly since it is desktop client (though the web interface is also quite nice, but I think many prefer desktop applications). I could even imagine that such an application could also automize time tracking issues. And I could imagine that a project manager sees a list of new, unassigned issues that could be managed quickly.

2) The second application I'm thinking of is one where the team members are listed. This could be good for the project manager or for other team members. This is the same I have descriped in the first consideration but as a desktop client.

Both applications would poll Redmine every n minutes to refresh its states. My visual imagination is something like Pidgin/ICQ/... a tool with GUI that mainly contains a list, that can be minimized to the task bar, maybe with some notificatioin popups. But it could be different.

I assume those ideas would be beyond the Redmine development. I don't expect that you would implement such tools. However, someone else would like to start new OS projects for this.

At last, to make such things possible the REST API must provide a way to to realize it. Does it already?

Robert from Austria

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This has already been requested and discussed (see the tickets in the category REST API), and to some avail available in trunk (some wiki-pages on that). I think your request is somewhat similar if not the same as #5213, so I'll mark it as duplicate.

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And there I did it, copied the wrong issue ID, I'll update the ticket in a minute with the right one.

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I meant #296, sorry for that.

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