Patch #670

Duplicate issue links (update/edit/etc) at bottom of issue page

Added by Jon Moses over 12 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2008-02-15
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It's frustrating to me to have to scroll back to the top of the page to add another comment on an issue, especially when there's a dozen comments on it already.

This patch extracts those links into a partial, and calls it in the current position (top of page) and also calls it in the same element as the "export" link at the bottom.

re-show-issue-links-at-bottom.patch Magnifier (3.55 KB) Jon Moses, 2008-02-15 15:28

re-show-issue-links-at-bottom2.patch Magnifier (4.68 KB) Jon Moses, 2008-02-25 15:09

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#1 Updated by David Petersen over 12 years ago

I agree. It really sucks on tickets with a lot of notes (30+).

#2 Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 12 years ago

Hi, the Unwatch link doesn't appear when I press Watch.
However, the top bar is updated with Unwatch and the corresponding link.


#3 Updated by Jon Moses over 12 years ago

Updated patch to make both "watch"/"unwatch" links change when either is clicker.

#4 Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 12 years ago

Now the two bars are multiplied horizontally... I can't say how many time.


#5 Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 12 years ago

Sorry, my mistake with the patching.
Works like a charm :)


#6 Updated by Jon Moses over 12 years ago

Phew, I thought I had messed something up.

Let me know if I did something in a way that's not consistent with the rest of the code. I haven't spent much time with the current codebase.

#7 Updated by chris mcharg over 12 years ago

While this does help out with the stated problem, I think that it has the following issues:

  • Only fixes one use case
  • Introduces duplication in the GUI

How would you feel about #739 instead?

#8 Updated by Nikolay Solakov over 12 years ago

Well, I think in any similar journal application there are duplications of the control buttons (simple phpBB for example).
Maybe #739 has to be implemented too. Thus we'll have two bars with controls for the whole issue and "reply buttons" on any Note.
Or maybe the control bar has to be added on every note. Like the forums (phpBB for example)
What do you think?


#9 Updated by Jon Moses over 12 years ago

#739 sounds like a fine solution to me, as long as the "update" fields aren't lost in the "replay" form. Using the current form would solve my problem just as good.

Or start the "reply" form with just the comment field, but have a "Update" link show the rest of the form.

I think a two part solution (update GUI, then add actual threading to comments) would be good, but that's just me.

#10 Updated by Jon Moses over 12 years ago

I'm not sure. Having threaded comments would be nice, but I don't have the desire for that on a daily basis. If I need detailed discussion about something I'd probably create a topic in the discussion board section.

Maybe the "reply" functionality would be more useful bundled with a threaded comment functionality (maybe use the discussion board code for that?) I think the "reply" without threading is misleading.

#11 Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 11 years ago

  • Category deleted (UI)
  • Status changed from New to Closed

Obsoleted by #4331 which is implemented in r3119, which itself will be included in Redmine 0.9.0.

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