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Totals on the Reports page do not include subprojects

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When looking at the Summary page of a project that has subprojects, the totals for all of the views (Tracker, Priority, Assignee, etc.) only show the counts for issues that are part of the project itself without being in any subproject. This behavior is inconsistent with the behavior on the normal Issues page, which shows all issues belonging to the main project as well as all subprojects.

My personal example: I have a project that contains multiple subprojects. When I click on the "Issues" tab of my project, I can see all the issues filed under my project, as well as all of its subprojects. Then, when I click "Summary" on the right hand side, I see the Reports page, but only a small fraction of my original issues appear as counted. Although the "Subproject" is available, I have no way to see totals for all the issues I was viewing one page ago, because most of them are within subprojects.

Database: MySQL 5.1.25-rc
Ruby: 1.8.7
Rails: 2.3.5
Redmine: r5164

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maybe dupe of #12492

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+1 anyway

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And #2529 ?

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Closed as it is a duplicate of #2529.
Thanks for pointing this out.

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