Redmine 4.1.2 and 4.0.8 released

Added by Marius BALTEANU 26 days ago

These 2 maintenance releases are available for download, you can review the changes in the Changelog.

Security: these 2 releases include several security fixes, including a fix for a permission bypass in Issues API and a fix for private project name that can be leaked in issue journal details, so upgrading as soon as possible is recommended.
You can get more details in Security Advisories.

Thanks to all the contributors who worked on these releases.


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Added by Fernando Hartmann 26 days ago

Great Job !
Thanks everyone

Added by C S 26 days ago

Many thanks also from us for this achievement. Using Redmine is still our best decision

Added by Erik E 26 days ago

A big thanks to all who were all involved!

Added by Alessandro Zucchi 26 days ago

Thank you a lot!

Added by Jan from Planio 22 days ago

Thanks to everyone involved in this release! As always when there’s security fixes involved, we have just updated Redmine Security Scanner. If you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe your Redmine for regular scanning to get email updates whenever its security status changes.

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nice sir