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Author: Jens Krämer
Code repository:
Registered on: 2015-10-05 (almost 8 years ago)
Current version: 1.0.1
Compatible with: Redmine 4.0.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x
User ratings:   (4)

Delivers push notifications (via Pushover) to mobile devices in addition to or instead of email notifications.

Installation notes

Nothing special, just drop into plugins/ and configure the plugin in Administration / Plugins. After that, users may activate push notifications in My account.


1.0.1 (2015-10-06)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x, 2.6.x.

Now also runs on Redmine 2.6

1.0.0 (2015-10-05)

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0.x.

User ratings

  by Open Comp almost 2 years ago

Можно ли ожидать развитие плагина и поддержку 4.2.2?

  by Breno Mayder Cruz about 4 years ago

When I configure plugin, I receive the page with message:

"The page you are trying to access does not exist or has been deleted."

My Redmine is 4.0.4. The plugin support this version?

  by Gyorgy Varga over 6 years ago

  by Quan VN almost 8 years ago

Great plugin. A million thanks to Jens