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Graphic team workload representation, designed to see "in a sight" the overall workload of your teammates and how many resources are consumming each issue. It shows also the timing of the issues or if a team mate is overloaded.

Plugin can show:

By DNOiSE Agencia de comunicación



This plugin calculates the workload of team members based on the issues assigned to them. Its development was powered by Sevenstax GmbH, based on the DNOiSE WorkLoad Plugin. It ...

By Jost Baron



Workload Statistic Notificator

Plugin provides functionality for sending Slack workload statistic notifications

By Default Value




This is a worklogs plugin for Redmine.

By Yao iceskysl



Worktime Log

Redmine Worktime Log Plugin

Release Candidate: 0.0.1


Hey folks.

In one work Worktime Log - is just a Stopwatch plugin with extended projects / users / issues summary. I'm pretty sure that plugin will help you track your t...

By Jared Denison


WWPass Redmine authentication

WWPass Redmine Plugin that implements a secure authentication based on WWPass technology.

WWPass offers the only solution where you can securely protect your on-line identities from hackers. When a website enables WWPass authentication, you log on...

By Ochir Abushinov




This plugin adds WYSIWYG editor mode to Redmine.

By Takeshi Nakamura


Xapian search

This plugin allows a full-text search in attachments and repository files through the Xapian search engine.

By Karel Pičman


XLS Export

XLS export plugin

With the help of this plugin you can export issues list with all information to XLS file. Also it is possible to export issues with attachments as a ZIP archive.


Plugin requires Redmine version 1.3.0 or h...

By Vitaly Klimov


XML-Task-Importer MS Project

What you will need:

  • Redmine 2.x or 3.x
  • XML-Export from MS Project 2007 or later

What you get:
The plugin creates one root-ticket (task) in current project, which holds the other (sub)tasks as subtickets.

Right now the plugin only imp...

By Thomas Koch


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