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1 1 Thomas Lecavelier
h1. Managing projects
2 1 Thomas Lecavelier
3 10 Mischa The Evil
4 10 Mischa The Evil
5 5 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Projects list
6 1 Thomas Lecavelier
7 20 Robert Schneider
The projects list shows all active projects by default. To view all projects (active and archived projects) change the status filter to _All_. Note that there is also the project list for regular users that can be accessed by clicking on @Projects@ in the top menu. Non-administrator can create new projects in this list (and close projects within a project), but cannot do more administrative operations as it is possible in project list within the administration area that gets discussed here. Depending on the [[RedmineRoles|user permissions]] the here presented project list may be the only place to manage projects at all.
8 9 Jean-Philippe Lang
9 3 Thomas Lecavelier
* *Project:* The project name
10 1 Thomas Lecavelier
11 3 Thomas Lecavelier
* *Description:* A short description of the project
12 1 Thomas Lecavelier
13 20 Robert Schneider
* *Public:* If the icon !/images/true.png! is present the project is public and everyone can see this project and may do things that are allowed by the roles [[RedmineRoles#System-roles|Non member and Anonymous]]. Non-public projects can be viewed only by a user who was given access by an administrator of the project.
14 1 Thomas Lecavelier
15 3 Thomas Lecavelier
* *Created:* Indicated the date when this project has been created.
16 1 Thomas Lecavelier
17 8 Jean-Philippe Lang
p=. !project_list.png!
18 8 Jean-Philippe Lang
19 1 Thomas Lecavelier
h2. Adding or editing a project
20 1 Thomas Lecavelier
21 1 Thomas Lecavelier
See [[RedmineProjectSettings|Project settings]].
22 1 Thomas Lecavelier
23 17 @ go2null
h2. Closing a project
24 17 @ go2null
25 18 Robert Schneider
This sets a project to a read-only state. A closed project is still be accessible like a regular project but nothing can be changed anymore, thus it is read-only. 
26 18 Robert Schneider
27 20 Robert Schneider
*The link to close a project is available on a per Project basis in the [[RedmineProjectOverview|Overview]] screen of the project itself. It is not part of the project list shown above.* 
28 18 Robert Schneider
29 18 Robert Schneider
See Feature #3640 for details.
30 17 @ go2null
31 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Archiving a project
32 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
33 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
From the projects list, click the !/images/locked.png! *Archive* link to archive a project.
34 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
35 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
An archived project is no longer visible by users. It can be un-archived (with its original content) by the administrator. When archiving a project, any subproject is also archived.
36 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
37 21 Go MAEDA
Note that archiving a project does not reduce storage usage. It only hides the project but does not compress it.
38 21 Go MAEDA
39 6 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Copying an existing project
40 6 Jean-Philippe Lang
41 6 Jean-Philippe Lang
From the projects list, click the !/images/copy.png! *Copy* link on the right of the project you want to copy.
42 1 Thomas Lecavelier
43 1 Thomas Lecavelier
You will get the new project form prefilled with the settings of the copied project (trackers, custom fields...). At the bottom of the form, you can choose what should be also copied to your new project:
44 1 Thomas Lecavelier
45 8 Jean-Philippe Lang
p=. !project_copy.png!
46 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
47 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
h2. Deleting a project
48 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
49 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
From the projects list, click the !/images/delete.png! *Delete* link. You will be asked for confirmation on a separate screen.
50 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
51 7 Jean-Philippe Lang
This is pure deletion of the project and all its subprojects. Contrary to Archive, you can't restore a deleted project. Use it with a clear-mind.