Meeting of Team Leaders
May 14th 1300 UTC


  • Team Leaders checkin and report activity and other updates
    • Needs
    • Movement
  • UX: Subtask issues and relationships
  • UX: Idea of merging Files and Documents
  • Doc: Book Sprint
  • Feature freeze and Bug Mash Planning

Rollover topics for the next meeting

  • Bug triage and feature planning
    • What to do with old bugs? Old support requests? Old but duplicated requests? When to consider stuff outdated?
    • How to decide what is in scope for Redmine? For official plugins? Third party plugins?
  • User Support: Redmine install guides (common platforms/env)
  • Cross team communication (e.g. if UX team needs some development done, how should that work)
  • Fixing permissions on
  • Fixing the Redmine forums
  • Plugin Directory
  • Themes
  • Making #redmine IRC more officially sanctioned
  • Blog

Committed Attendee List

IRC nick Real Name
Khalsa Muntek Singh
MikeXIII Mike K
edavis10 Eric Davis
thegcat Felix Schäfer
meineerde Holger Just
mosfet Ngewi Fet
Igor13 Igor Balk

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