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16:21 Redmine Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks
Sebastian Paluch wrote:
> The only option that seems to be missing under "subtasks" is ability to show issue hierarc...


15:41 Redmine Feature #4370 (Resolved): Expire passwords on accounts created by administrators


20:17 Redmine Help: Repository permissions could be wrong
This can be caused by the Web server not being able to read the repository. Check your permissions on the Git direct...


22:12 Redmine Feature #5728: Parent task field should be made available as filter in the issue list
This is *not* a duplicate of of #5196, as that issue simply deals with adding the column. This one deals with adding...


16:31 Redmine Feature #7569 (New): Reply to individual forum posts and indent responses
It appears as though Forum posts can only be added at the bottom, a flat hierarchy.
It would be much more useful t...


02:02 Redmine Defect #3512: can't use 'Target Version' field in custom query when 'For All Projects' checked
+1 for getting this into a bug-fix release.


18:28 Redmine Feature #465: Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
Robin McKenzie wrote:
> Could I make a request to have an option at the level of the parent project which allows all...


18:29 Redmine Feature #3463: Export all wiki pages to PDF
Arnaud Martel wrote:
> I have an alpha version for this feature.
Does it take advantage of the Redmine code that ...
18:24 Redmine Feature #401: Add pdf export for WIKI page
Issues can already be exported to PDF, so there's already code in Redmine that can do this. Can't we just reuse the ...


17:40 Redmine Feature #3647: Data Import/Export System

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