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13:51 Redmine Wiki edit: Translation_Team (#3)
yannick quenec'hdu
13:48 Redmine Open discussion: RE: French Translation Team - Equipe de traduction pour la version Fran├žaise
... yannick quenec'hdu


23:30 Redmine Patch #8588: Rakefile for rake 0.9.2
Nathan Smith wrote:
> If you have both versions installed, you can run @rake _0.8.7_ db:migrate@.
I have the same pr...
yannick quenec'hdu
01:04 Redmine Help: RE: Rakefile:7:in `require'

Same problem with redmine 2.0
I use rake
/opt/redmine-2.0# rake generate_secret_token --trace
(in /o...
yannick quenec'hdu


14:51 Redmine Feature #559: Workflow Enhancements
Your proposal is interesting. This implies that it is possible to make independent workflow per project, thus a...
yannick quenec'hdu


18:18 Redmine Feature #10039 (Closed): Issue statuses for each project
Have you planned to make specific Issue statuses for each project ?
I have several projects that have the differe...
yannick quenec'hdu


09:59 Redmine Feature #1517: Cumulative flow diagrams of trackers as some sort of project burn down graph
Ryan H wrote:
> Hate to resurrect an old issue... This would be an awesomely powerful feature to add to redmin...
yannick quenec'hdu


00:51 Redmine Feature #5634: Export issue to PDF does not include Subtasks and Related Issues
Hi Bernhard,
Your Patch need a little change to work with Redmine 1.2.1
Thank for your patch
yannick quenec'hdu
00:31 Redmine Feature #9535 (Resolved): Export PDF with subtask
Bernhard Furtmueller wrote:
> I think this duplicates #5634
Yes, it's exactly the same request. I closed my reque...
yannick quenec'hdu


16:58 Redmine Feature #9535 (Closed): Export PDF with subtask
Redmine version : 1.2.1
Given A Features with several subtask
When I consult this Features
And I export ...
yannick quenec'hdu

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