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01:47 Redmine Feature #18422 (New): Why three "my page" type of pages?
I can, somewhat, understand the reasoning to have account related things (pwd, language etc) separated from project r... André Jonsson


23:10 Redmine Feature #18420 (New): Column-specific popup menus for issues
I just realized it would be quite nice to be able to change a specific issue field quickly by right clicking the corr... André Jonsson


10:35 Redmine Feature #18014 (New): Rename "New repository" -> "Add repository"
The link at the bottom under Settings / Repository currently says "New repository", I think it is misleading and woul... André Jonsson


14:47 Redmine Feature #17343 (New): Add "quick" items to issue popup
The issue popup menu is great for many things, but these options I find myself lacking.
Below or above the current...
André Jonsson


15:28 Redmine Feature #13070: Rest API, add repository to project
And also adding an option like @/projects/{id}.xml?include=repositories@, which would subsequently include the r...
André Jonsson


00:41 Redmine Feature #5901: REST API to expose the Redmine version
Or even better, an API to request what API resources are supported by the server.
Calling it would return a list sim...
André Jonsson


09:52 Redmine Feature #16117 (New): Add a new type of related issue: "exclusive"
That is, if resolving one issue conflicts with another issue (or several) and vice versa.
A bit like blocking/bloc...
André Jonsson


10:40 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.2.3.devel: "Scm command is not available"
Ah, good to hear.
Strange though, and that's probably why I didn't remember what fixed it for me; the "solution" did...
André Jonsson
09:54 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.2.3.devel: "Scm command is not available"
Have you configured the scm logging in configuration.yml?
I did it like so:...
André Jonsson


17:29 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine 2.2.3.devel: "Scm command is not available"
I did get it working. Unfortunately I don't remember (yet) what the problem was. -I think I wrote about in another th... André Jonsson

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