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16:35 Redmine Feature #6401: Make Wiki Redirects editable
Joshua Masek wrote:
> FYI, a workaround without going to the database:
Thanks a lot, great help.
16:29 Redmine Help: RE: Un-Redirect Wiki Page?
Since I got here first while looking for a solution to this problem:
A comment to the feature request provides a nea...


08:53 Redmine Feature #8417: per tracker configurable issue form layout with preview


12:19 Redmine Feature #11519: Ability to edit wiki comments after entry saved
This is a feature I'd really appreciate for history documentation.
(I always thought "annotate" means exactly ...


14:21 Redmine Help: Wiki pages' history does not let me "annotate" a version
I always thought "annotate" means something like "write a note". Anyway, this is what I expect when clicking on "anno...

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