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10:11 Redmine Help: LDAP and existing local accounts
I want to hook up my Redmine with LDAP. However, I have many local accounts that have the same username as the one fr...


10:57 Redmine Feature #9858 (New): Predefined roles for the assignee
Imagine that you assign the user to a task. It would be great if you can select his role in this tank. Especially whe...


10:53 Redmine Patch #5886: bash scanner for Coderay/ Redmine
Could you please attach the file here? The location you gave is not valid anymore.
Thank you in advance.


09:01 Redmine Feature #1326: Add / edit an attachment description after upload
09:00 Redmine Feature #1828: Default target version for new issues
08:59 Redmine Feature #2009: Manually add related revisions
Add and delete relations. It is sometimes frustrating when I make a mistake and have to do some tricks to fix it....
08:56 Redmine Feature #2161: Time tracking code should respect weekends as "no work" days
It would be great to have calendar in which the admin can select holidays which later would be considered as no w...


12:57 Redmine Defect #6378: Subtask - Start is invalid
It had happened to me as well. I had a subtask with was starting at _2011-02-24_ and a parent task ended at _2011...


11:34 Redmine Feature #7587 (Closed): jst Drop-down with syntax coloring
Wouldn't it be great if Redmine had another element (dropdown list - select) above every description textarea (where ...


15:24 Redmine Help: Deleted repository changes - how to rerun changes scan?
I had to restore the *redmine* database from the backup SQL file. The problem is that, in table changes, there are to...

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