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19:35 Redmine Patch #24623: Implements CRUD permissions and restrictions to issue attachments
This is really sad that we do not have permissions for attachments in redmine. Our company wants to pay for finishing...
19:34 Redmine Job offers: Finish work on attachment permissions of issue (#24623)
There is a long-standing patchwork that implements permissions and restrictions for issue attachments #24623. We woul...


10:54 Redmine Defect #17555: Mandatory condition for 'Category' & 'Assignee' is not working according to workfl...
Yea, I'm having troubles with making assegnee field mandatory. And another user reported exactly the same problem her...


19:44 Redmine Feature #8095: Allow overriding the default text formatting in each project
Currently, we use the following plugin:
but it would be ni...


23:30 Redmine Feature #24808: OAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)
I think that "Needs feedback" is a wrong status here. According to #12827 this status means that this ticket is waiti...


15:07 Redmine Feature #29687 (Closed): Keep history for comment editions
Whenever I edit a comment it is updated but as far as I can see there is no history for that. We need history for all...


15:37 Redmine Feature #13441: Save draft option for new issue
Same as #6154.
15:36 Redmine Feature #22752: Draft feature
Same as #6154.


14:49 Redmine Feature #8363: Git: Pull requests
Warren Postma wrote:
> I am starting to think that the time for putting this in Redmine is long past.
We are goin...
14:18 Redmine Feature #6225: Autocomplete for custom fields of type "list"
I haven't tried yet, but this looks like what we need:

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