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19:11 Redmine Help: RE: Parent task is invalid
To add to what Pierre is suggesting, I would check to see if the relationship is one of the "copied" relationships be... Jeff Pierson


05:31 Redmine Feature #17060: Custom text formatting for issue links
This should have been entered as a feature request. Could somebody please make that change that has more permissions ... Jeff Pierson


19:50 Redmine Feature #5991: Tracker should have it's own default issue status
We ran into this problem just today after some status were added to our newly converted system in order to support so... Jeff Pierson


20:15 Redmine Feature #17060 (New): Custom text formatting for issue links
I've noticed that for issue links in commits there exists the capability of "specifying a list of acceptable prefixes... Jeff Pierson


23:42 Redmine Feature #15065 (Needs feedback): Custom fields of User format should allow limiting down the list of available users by either Role or Group
Doing this would allow limiting values that can be chosen for custom fields to only users who are in a specific depar... Jeff Pierson


07:29 Redmine Feature #2623: C# syntax highlighting
It appears that there is also a related forum thread on a "C# scanner file for CodeRay": Jeff Pierson


18:27 Redmine Help: RE: slow loading of activity page
I'm having a similar problem with my setup and clearing cache doesn't seem to help at all. While this problem is ocur... Jeff Pierson


05:39 Redmine Feature #5840: Live lookup of the existing issues based on the keywords entered in the title for new issue
+1 This is a feature that Bugzilla had that we appreciated greatly once it was added. We will be soon migrating to Re... Jeff Pierson
05:32 Redmine Defect #13464: Plugin migration with Microsoft SQL Server throws error
Will these changes from the trunk that Daniel Felix mentioned be included in 2.3.2 or is that already branched prior ... Jeff Pierson


05:09 Redmine Feature #2623: C# syntax highlighting
According to the CodeRay issue tracker the C# syntax highlighting feature appears to be slated for 1.1 but has been p... Jeff Pierson

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