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11:47 Redmine Feature #17743: Export a project as static HTML
No, I haven't yet. Now I hope I can one day "migrate to Gitea": instead. Robert Pollak


08:22 Redmine Feature #22978: Links to issue notes should highlight the linked note
Thanks to everyone involved! Robert Pollak


12:25 Redmine Feature #22676: Static issue list URLs
It seems that the list also works in simplified form, without @set_filter@ and @status_id@: @/issues?issue_id=17302,1... Robert Pollak


10:33 Redmine Feature #25925 (New): Fold away "Change properties" when adding an issue note
In order to see more of the old notes on screen, I would like the "Change properties" area to be minimizable (with a ... Robert Pollak


23:14 Redmine Feature #675: Anti-spam or captcha for issues
I guess the above spam comment means "+1" :) Robert Pollak


10:04 Redmine Feature #487: Add Categories to Files
+1 (#6945)
Versions give a wrong structure for my files, since I publish two separately versioned series of instal...
Robert Pollak


15:00 Redmine Feature #22676: Static issue list URLs
Great, thank you! Robert Pollak


15:14 Redmine Feature #23668: Add a separate permission to "Edit descriptions"
Thank you for this suggestion, but this would mean a lot of changes at a fine-grained level. I do not want to do thes... Robert Pollak


16:26 Redmine Feature #23668 (New): Add a separate permission to "Edit descriptions"
I am using Redmine 3.3.0.stable, and I would like to give the Reporter role the additional permission to edit issue d... Robert Pollak
16:09 Redmine Feature #12388: diffs for editions of issue/notes entries
+1 (#6945) Robert Pollak

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