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06:41 Redmine Open discussion: RE: export from Open project to import into redmine
Pierre Pretorius wrote:
> Hi, I don't have any pointers but can you perhaps elaborate on why you are moving back to ...
Alex Alex


23:25 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Has Anybody Considered an AngularJS Powered Theme?
+1 Alex Alex


03:59 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Notifications to Skype?
h1. Notification for @user_name, if he mentioned in comments for Skype
Alex Alex
03:57 Redmine Plugins: RE: integration with slack
Alex Alex


11:08 Redmine Feature #7774: Sub groups or Multi-level groups
+1 Alex Alex


10:10 Redmine Feature #9412: Drag and Drop Issues to Set Parent-Child Relationships
+1 Alex Alex
10:07 Redmine Feature #8016: Drag-and-drop issue (ticket) ordering
"Toshi MARUYAMA": may be are you add for issues "User vote for issue", and we...
Alex Alex
10:07 Redmine Feature #9183: Update grouped tickets/issues using drag-and-drop
+1 Alex Alex
10:07 Redmine Feature #9184: Inline issue editing within list view/custom query
+1 Alex Alex
10:05 Redmine Feature #13839: Custom fields presentation - Group custom fields in section / panel
+1 Alex Alex

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