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02:47 Redmine Plugins: Repository was archived: Issue Template.
Hi, all!
Concerned about free-riding problems and so on, I have archived some plugin's repositories including this...
Akiko Takano


01:47 Redmine Plugins: RE: Remove feature: checklists pluginn integration
Issue Template v1.1.0 was released, and it dropped off the Checklist integration.
Please use the older version or ma...
Akiko Takano


11:38 Redmine Plugins: Remove feature: checklists pluginn integration
As I posted above 2 years ago, I'm going to remove the feature to integrate Checklists plugin (free version).
This l...
Akiko Takano


17:58 Redmine Plugins: Issue Template Plugin 1.0.4 Released (Add watcher / category / Assignee fields support)
Hi, I've just released version 1.0.4 :)
Akiko Takano


08:05 Redmine Feature #33692: Improved view of the activity page
It makes easy to understand daily activities.
Akiko Takano
08:02 Redmine Feature #33682: Calendar UI proposal (Vertical list layout)
Thanks for your feedback.
> showing in a vertical list layout by default is better, I think.
I agree with you.
Akiko Takano


15:27 Redmine Feature #33682 (New): Calendar UI proposal (Vertical list layout)
I think the default calendar layout for responsive mode is small and a little hard to see.
It would be user-friend...
Akiko Takano


16:15 Redmine Defect #33673 (Confirmed): Calendar View / The right side of the tooltip is cut off
h2. Summary
The right side of the tooltip is cut off at the Calendar View.
h2. Description
In normal mode, t...
Akiko Takano


15:56 Redmine Plugins: Released v1.0.0 Theme for Kids Green version.
Hi, Redminers!
I've released the Redmine theme for kids Green version 1.0.0 "Kodomo Redmine".
This is still experi...
Akiko Takano
15:52 Redmine Wiki edit: Theme_List (#593)
Akiko Takano

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