Kenichi Maehashi

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09:07 Redmine Feature #10250: Renaming "duplicates" and "duplicated by" to something less confusing


18:25 Redmine Feature #11413 (New): Limit use of REST API access by the role of the user
In publicly-registerable deployment of Redmine, I don't want users to use the REST API.
However the administrator (m...
18:07 Redmine Patch #11412 (Closed): Unnatural Japanese message when users failed to login
Like other error messages, "notice_account_invalid_creditentials" should be in form of a sentence.
It is unnatural f...
18:05 Redmine Patch #11411 (Closed): Fix disordered use of long sound in Japanese "user" translation
The long sound representation ("ー") is disorderly used in the Japanese translation.
For instance, "text_repository_u...
12:30 Redmine Patch #11402 (Closed): Japanese translation added for default role names
12:23 Redmine Patch #11401 (Closed): Fix Japanese mistranslation for "button_submit"
"button_submit" is mistranslated in ja.yml.
The current translation for "button_submit" is "変更", which means "Chan...

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