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04:53 Redmine Feature #675: Anti-spam or captcha for issues
What's it going to take to get traction on this? I can't turn on public use on my site until this is done, the commu... Adam Knight


02:02 Redmine Feature #675: Anti-spam or captcha for issues
This is very important for public systems. Please consider this RSN. Adam Knight
02:00 Redmine Feature #1354: akismet for spam filtering
I'd love to leave Redmine open and allow anonymous folks to create tickets and such, but before I even look to see if... Adam Knight


06:12 Redmine Feature #2214: Autocreate repositories
Yes. This. I like. +1 Adam Knight


20:56 Redmine Feature #1244: Version dependency
+99. Adam Knight
20:54 Redmine Feature #504: 12 character project id limitation is too short
I'm not sure why there's an arbitrary limit on this field. It's a varchar, so it'll only take up what space you ente... Adam Knight


20:35 Redmine Open discussion: RE: limit access to certain type of issues
I use a sub-project for this. I have a "Product" project and a "Product Support" project and then let customers acce... Adam Knight
20:33 Redmine Help: RE: Forum (board) visibility control / staff-only notes
The best you're going to get right now is to create a private sub-project just to use the forums in it and lock peopl... Adam Knight
20:06 Redmine Help: RE: fetch_commits problem with cron
Never mind me. As always seconds after I post I see the problem. cron isn't setting the PATH up correctly. I creat... Adam Knight
20:03 Redmine Help: fetch_commits problem with cron
If I run the CLI command to call Repository.fetch_commits in a shell, it works perfectly. If I put it in cron, nothi... Adam Knight

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