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09:16 Redmine Feature #2728: Offline Support
I'd love to be able to access the wiki pages and the issues of some selected projects. Read-only access would be ...


10:04 Redmine Feature #5457: Move files and documets to another project
This would be useful also on new project.
I ofter start with a single wiki page and divide it into more pages as the...


11:11 Redmine Plugins: RE: Allowing access when login_required is site wide?
I had the same problem and I fixed it by adding a line into ApplicationController#check_if_login_required
It looks l...


17:52 Redmine Help: Import trac into an existing Redmine server
I have a Redmine server with many projects and I'd like to import a trac database with a svn repository into it. It h...

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