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34340RedmineFeatureNewMake archived projects visually distinguishable in tracker edit form2020-12-01 03:20Administration
34337RedmineFeatureNewRemove jQuery Migrate2020-11-30 01:52Code cleanup/refactoring
34336RedmineFeatureNewShow latest messages on forums index page2020-11-29 10:08Forums
34326RedmineDefectNewCSV import raises an exception if CSV header has blank columns2020-11-30 08:42Importers
34307RedmineFeatureNewCreate custom field by copy2020-11-25 14:49Administration
34306RedmineDefectNewWhen creating a custom query with role level security you can deselect your own role (making the query inaccessible)2020-11-25 08:31Issues list
34303RedmineFeatureNewAllow to add subtask from context menu2020-11-24 15:53Issues
34302RedmineFeatureNew Show parent issues in notification email2020-11-24 09:08Email notifications
34297RedmineDefectConfirmedSubprojects issues are not displayed on main project when all subprojects are closed2020-12-02 08:19Issues list
34288RedmineFeatureNewShow tree path of project when searching in searchable project selectbox2020-11-19 14:22UI
34287RedmineFeatureNewUse searchable project selectbox in issue create/update form2020-11-19 14:20Issues
34284RedmineDefectNewIn Role edit view the per tracker table only shows up when "View Issues" permission is selected2020-11-18 12:01Issues permissions
34283RedmineDefectNewText in code / preformatted blocks renders incorrrectly in Issue List2020-11-18 10:27Text formatting
34278RedmineDefectNewAtom feed for user does not work2020-11-18 00:24Feeds
34276RedmineDefectNewAtom feeds of Issue lists don't respect the sort order2020-11-17 22:51Issues list
34267RedmineDefectNewBrazil no longer uses Day Light Saving Time2020-11-18 00:49Accounts / authentication
34255RedmineDefectNewAdding new group results in Error 5002020-11-13 06:22Database
34247RedmineDefectNewShow Workflow for all statuses hangs with about 100 issue statuses2020-11-26 08:58Issues workflow
34242RedmineFeatureNewInclude two-factor authentication scheme in users API response2020-11-11 08:20REST API
34235RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackLosing data due to unsupported characters2020-11-09 18:00Issues
34221RedmineDefectNewMultiple roles for one user override ticket editing permissions2020-11-26 04:08Permissions and roles
34220RedmineFeatureNewimplementation suggestion2020-11-04 14:39Custom fields
34219RedminePatchNewThe text inside the wiki section does not wrap - css2020-11-04 10:39UI
34218RedminePatchNewIncrease size of value field in settings2020-11-03 11:21Database
34212RedmineDefectNewTime Entries POST doesn't work in JSON format2020-11-02 15:26REST API
34210RedmineDefectNewGroup results by Priority is showing disturbed UI2020-11-02 08:19Issues list
34202RedmineFeatureNewShow user roles in Assignee select2020-10-30 22:06Issues
34190RedminePatchNewSCM URL/ROOT Information on Repository Page2020-10-29 12:35SCM
34178RedmineDefectNewno redirect after login2020-11-16 07:33
34176RedmineDefectNewEmpty page reponses on Redmine 3.4.5.stable2020-10-27 18:10
34175RedmineDefectNewCreating mutliple attachments at the same time results in 422s2020-10-27 17:40REST API
34149RedmineDefectNewRussian names for months in wrong declension2020-10-21 18:55Translations
34146RedminePatchNewImplementation2020-10-20 22:35Custom fields
34143RedmineDefectConfirmedAutolinks are incorrectly escaped2020-10-20 12:14Text formatting
34123RedmineFeatureNewSystem tests for inline auto complete feature2020-10-29 00:52
34119RedminePatchNewFix selenium chrome options so files are downloaded to tmp/downloads in system tests2020-12-02 09:48Code cleanup/refactoring
34108RedmineDefectNew"Is duplicate of" and "Has duplicate" issue relations can be a circular reference2020-10-15 16:07Issues
34089RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackwhen column have multiple values its getting appending with , and huge width of one record resulting wide colum2020-11-08 06:33Issues list
34086RedmineDefectNewREST API: Can not get children when get a list of issues2020-10-08 10:05REST API
34071RedminePatchNewhandle AuthSourceExceptions in User.try_to_login2020-11-30 15:02Accounts / authentication
34070RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting a grace period when forcing 2FA2020-10-06 00:09Accounts / authentication
34068RedmineDefectNewMissing blank option on persisted records2020-10-17 06:56Custom fields
34062RedminePatchNewUpgrade Rails to 14:52Security
34061RedminePatchNewUpdate locales for Vietnamese language2020-10-25 04:43Translations
34052RedmineFeatureNewPossibility to copy Issue w/o Asignee and Due Date2020-09-30 08:11Issues
34046RedmineDefectConfirmedEscaping symbols in task subject can broke export to Gantt (PNG)2020-11-11 00:26Gantt
34045RedmineFeatureNew1 minute expire-able RedmineCacheCredMax2020-09-29 03:54SCM extra
34044RedmineFeatureNewPotential better SQL query in extra/svn/Redmine.pm2020-09-29 03:40SCM extra
34042RedmineFeatureNewCustom user issue assignment2020-09-28 16:51
34040RedmineFeatureNewInclude all notes in issue list csv2020-09-28 09:20Issues list
34038RedmineDefectNewRedmine won't send emails in latest version 2020-09-28 13:43Email notifications
34035RedmineDefectNewfiles preservation2020-09-26 23:10
34033RedmineFeatureNewEmail reporting based on the due date or set intervals2020-09-24 23:34Email notifications
34032RedminePatchNewProject Settings Tabs contains 2 element same id2020-09-25 02:31Projects
34029RedmineDefectNew403 Forbidden error when non-member try to upload a file2020-09-24 15:12Permissions and roles
34025RedmineDefectNewIssue subject truncated to 100 chars in the list from Projects > View all issues > Atom2020-09-28 16:51Feeds
34006RedmineDefectNeeds feedback[Create account] Space in middle of username2020-09-22 21:10
34003RedmineFeatureNewcollapsed groups per query2020-09-18 15:14Issues list shall decrypt LDAP bind password2020-09-11 03:23SCM extra
33975RedmineDefectNewREST API format: JSON, Update Catelogy response incorrect.2020-09-11 05:27Documentation
33968RedminePatchResolvedIncorrect Polish translations2020-09-09 13:22Text formatting
33965RedmineDefectNewREST API: Method Not Available see used Status list as per the tracker2020-09-10 14:32REST API
33954RedmineDefectNewCan't delete project2020-09-15 04:49Projects
33953RedmineDefectConfirmedRepository Tab will not showing if no repository is set as "Main repository"2020-11-26 02:15SCM
33952RedmineDefectConfirmedSorting of Week column and Date column does not work2020-11-30 11:02Time tracking
33941RedmineDefectNewTest fails depending on time zone setting2020-09-01 08:26
33938RedminePatchNewAdd missing fixtures to IssueNestedSetTest2020-09-14 02:20Code cleanup/refactoring
33936RedmineDefectNewBCC and email subaddress not working anymore2020-08-31 10:10Email receiving
33930RedmineDefectConfirmed500 error when attempting to create custom field enumeration with empty name2020-11-28 07:36Custom fields
33918RedmineFeatureNewAdd documentation for #294732020-09-06 09:15Documentation
33914RedmineDefectNewEven if the default value of Activities (time tracking) is set, it may not be reflected.2020-08-27 10:20Time tracking
33912RedmineDefectConfirmedSorting of multiple columns including Date column does not work2020-11-17 16:04Time tracking
33910RedminePatchNewRendering bug in Chrome Windows and Linux when pressing PageUp in Textarea2020-08-26 17:45UI
33901RedmineFeatureNewUse attachments without issue notes.2020-08-25 10:31Attachments
33894RedmineFeatureNewAutomatically set done ratio to 100% when closing a issue2020-10-24 10:16Issues
33884RedmineFeatureNewShow "Due in X days" in email notifications2020-09-03 08:44Email notifications
33882RedmineFeatureNewImproved issue ID's2020-08-21 13:02Issues
33881RedmineDefectNewNo email notifications for status changes triggered by fixing keywords in repository commits.2020-10-26 12:58Email notifications
33869RedmineFeatureNewEpic: Bring jira workflow engine features into 2020-08-20 19:13Issues workflow
33868RedmineFeatureNewPrevent adding notes to closed issues2020-09-06 06:17Issues permissions
33865RedmineDefectNewTransitions problems2020-08-19 07:34Permissions and roles
33859RedmineFeatureNewCheck the files supported by syntax highlighting in static file2020-09-06 09:23UI
33846RedmineDefectNewInline issue auto complete (#) doesn't sanityze HTML tags2020-10-16 08:01Security
33845RedmineDefectConfirmedWrong character encoding in git diffs with UTF-8 Cyrillic letters2020-09-06 06:26SCM version2020-08-10 12:41Website (
33829RedmineDefectNewTags "updated" in issues atom are "created on"2020-09-06 07:00Feeds
33820RedmineFeatureNewAuto Complete wiki page links2020-11-18 01:14UI
33803RedmineFeatureNewIssue: Field project should be searchable2020-08-05 12:48Issues
33802RedmineFeatureNewSub task feature without creating a new issue2020-10-24 10:55Issues
33784RedmineFeatureNewUpdating Mercurial helper to work with Python32020-08-08 23:42SCM
33774RedminePatchNewUpdate Russian translation2020-07-29 10:17Translations
33762RedmineFeatureNewModification of text for wiki index by title page2020-07-22 11:08UI
33757RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackCannot get Revisions to work or Issues to link to Commits.2020-07-28 18:05Projects
33752RedminePatchNewUploading big files2020-08-24 12:27Attachments
33744RedmineDefectNewREST API does not allow unassigning user2020-07-29 04:19REST API
33733RedmineDefectConfirmedTracker does not work after creating a new project2020-07-15 16:34Projects
33730RedmineFeatureNewAdd new issue links for each version to the version list page2020-09-06 09:24Roadmap
33726RedminePatchNewTranslate Vietnamese2020-07-18 08:54Translations
33722RedminePatchResolvedmigrate_from_trac dose not work2020-07-30 14:29Importers
33721RedmineFeatureNewShow estimated time on spent time details when the list is grouped by issue2020-09-06 09:25Time tracking

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