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Bulk Edit of Custom Fields

Added by Ewan Makepeace almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2009-01-22
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This patch should list available custom fields for the tasks concerned for bulk edit.

See here:

custom_filed_in_bulk_edit.patch Magnifier (16.5 KB) Ewan Makepeace, 2009-01-22 12:11

Screenshot_16.jpg (24.8 KB) Ewan Makepeace, 2009-01-22 12:11

custom_filed_bulk_edit_trunk.diff Magnifier (3.48 KB) Ewan Makepeace, 2009-01-28 05:37

custom_filed_in_bulk_edit_for_r3034.diff Magnifier - Bulk Edit of Custom Fields Patch for r3034 (769 Bytes) RedminePro Yang, 2009-11-13 14:53

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Related to Redmine - Feature #461: Support bulk updating of custom fields Closed
Duplicated by Redmine - Defect #3923: Issue custom fields are not showing when in bulk edit mode Closed 2009-09-25


#1 Updated by Ewan Makepeace almost 13 years ago

For feature request #461

#2 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 13 years ago

Ewan, the attached file is not a patch but a html file.
Can you reupload it please?

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 12 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Feature added in r2316.

#4 Updated by Ewan Makepeace over 12 years ago

Many apologies - I did not realise how Redmine handles text files. Original patch attached for completeness.

#5 Updated by Benjamin Baroukh over 12 years ago

Hi, is this feature going to go in the 0.8-stable branch ?

#6 Updated by Reach Everywhere about 12 years ago

  • Status changed from Closed to Reopened

I setup this patch on 0.8.0 which resulted in an 'internal server error' anytime I hit edit. So I gave up and upgraded to 0.8.4 which I assume from comment #3 would include this feature, but still none of my custom fields show up in bulk_edit.

Also, could this feature be expanded to include adding custom fields to the dropdown menu where you select edit?

Sorry if I should not have changed the status, but I didn't know if anyone would look at this otherwise.

#7 Updated by Benjamin Baroukh about 12 years ago

Can someone please confirm that this feature is not available for the 0.8.XX branch ?

#8 Updated by Christophe Absil about 12 years ago

Hi, just installed the new 0.8.5 and this patch was not included. I don't know if this was ment so.

But the patch is working fine, really impressed.

#9 Updated by Christophe Absil about 12 years ago

Oups forgot something. Is this patch included in the 0.9.x version ? I hope so, otherwise I will have to remember that I applied this patch when upgrading to 0.9.x.

#10 Updated by VM Weseloh almost 12 years ago

+1 for including this in the 0.9.x version.

#11 Updated by Matt H almost 12 years ago

I can't get this patch to work. I've update the files, but get an 'internal server error' and this error in logs/production.log

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass) on line #43 of issues/bulk_edit.rhtml:
40: </p>
42: <p>
43:    <% @custom_fields.each do | field | %>
44:          <%= content_tag "label",,:for => "custom_fields_#{}" %>: <%= custom_field_tag_bulk_edit field %>
45:    <% end %>
46: </p>

I assume the patch has worked for other people, so I wonder if they could post if they had the same error?

#12 Updated by RedminePro Yang almost 12 years ago

As I found, this feature already included in trunk version (r3034).
But I think we should show


instead of

See attached

#13 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 12 years ago

  • Status changed from Reopened to Closed

See #461.

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