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API POST requests fail with 422 Can't verify CSRF token authenticity. on 3.4.13, 4.0.6 and 4.1.0

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I have been tasked with making our main application work with a newer version of redmine than it did before.
The old one was ancient. Our current one is 3.4.13 in a docker container.

I have tried the latest three versions localhost. The behave the same in this regard:
When I make POST requests using HTTParty or even curl, I get a 422 response code with the message "Can't verify CSRF token authenticity"
This is my request:
timeout: @options[:timeout],
headers: {'Content-Type' => 'application/json'},
body: somehash.to_json

In the redmine source code ApplicationController it calls protect_from_forgery. I don't see any exceptions on this like I would expect with api-requests.
I thought CSRF protection was only meant for posted forms and the like. I may be wrong on that. How would I know what to send as a CSRF-token when making api-requests without prior requests?
I read the API reference. I didn't see anything on the matter.

What am I missing?

Another thing:
I have tried putting the key in the body with the json key "key" and as a header with the key name 'X-Redmine-API-Key' like specified. None of those are accepted it seems.
I can only make it accept the key if passed as a query parameter for some reason.


#1 Updated by Holger Just almost 2 years ago

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It's likely that you have forgotten to activated the support for REST API in your local Redmine installation. Make sure to activate the API in Administration -> Settings -> API.

Does this solve your issue?

#2 Updated by casper nielsen almost 2 years ago

Enable REST web service is ticked.

I have resorted to disallowing protect_from_forgery by mounting and overwriting the additional_environment.rb containing that setting. This is acceptable but not optimal.
It's an internal system behind a firewall, so I'm not worried about that.

I do not verify the ssl certificate either. This is just until we get a proper certificate on that server. But I doubt that should cause this.

Am I supposed to provide a CSRF-token with an api post request?

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