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Limit Visible Issue Fields Based on Permissions

Added by Edward Krufka over 13 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

Issues permissions
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Allow the ADMIN to configure which fields appear when creating/viewing/editing an issue, based on the permissions of the logged in user.

A coy should only copy the fields that the user copying the issue can see in the display.

For instance, allow the developers to enter comments in fields on an issue but do not have these fields appear for the client.

Adding a feature like this would negate the need for Redmine to instruct folks entering issues to not use the Assigned-To field, as that field should not be visible to all folks reporting issues or requesting features.

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Updated by Walther Lalk over 13 years ago

Doing the much hated +1 here.

I would love to see this feature in a future version of Redmine. We are currently incorporating Redmine into our project workflow and the only thing that is missing is the ability to set which fields a user can access when creating a new issue.

In our case we don't want our clients to be able to set the 'assign to', due dates, % done, etc.

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Updated by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

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Updated by pasquale [:dedalus] over 12 years ago


We have various related\dupes tickets on this: it's seems that more users want to manage "native\custom field by role"!

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Updated by anonymous incognito over 12 years ago

What, the issue has been there for a whole year yet nobody has bothered to fix it? Not cool, people, there's lots of serious organisations using this software, can't just ignore everyone, you know?

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Updated by Terence Mill over 12 years ago

dupes some parts of #8050

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Updated by @ go2null about 11 years ago

Should be considered a duplicate of Feature #12005.

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Updated by @ go2null about 11 years ago

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Should be considered a duplicate of Feature #12005.

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Updated by Daniel Felix about 11 years ago

Closed as duplicate of #12005. Thanks!

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Updated by Daniel Felix about 11 years ago

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