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08:32 Redmine Feature #35507: API to close/reopen projects
I have added API to close/reopen a project....
04:57 Redmine Defect #35441: Inline image in Textile is not displayed if the image URL contains ampersands
In the case of Textile, @RedCloth3#inline_textile_image@(source:/trunk/lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/textile/redcloth3....


08:08 Redmine Patch #35500 (Closed): Add missing fixture to IssuesTest
IssuesTest has failed....


04:00 Redmine Patch #35450 (New): Fixed an error message when registering an email address for a disallowed ema...
When registering an email address with a disallowed email domain with "My account > Email", the error message "Email ...


09:09 Redmine Feature #35365: Allow sending account information when importing users
Go MAEDA wrote:
> The "Import users" screen already has a "Send email notifications during the import" checkbox (#22...


05:01 Redmine Patch #35413: Add missing fixtures to ActivitiesControllerTest
It was solved with the following patch....
04:57 Redmine Patch #35413: Add missing fixtures to ActivitiesControllerTest
The models of Activity are registered in source:trunk/lib/redmine.rb#L420, but some fixtures were not declared in Act...
04:45 Redmine Patch #35413 (Closed): Add missing fixtures to ActivitiesControllerTest
ActivitiesControllerTest has failed....


03:56 Redmine Feature #11543: Sort attachments by name
The following points have been fixed.
* To return the sort order to the initial state, the serial number column is a...


07:15 Redmine Feature #2722: New user notification
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Go MAEDA wrote:
> > I think the checkbox should be placed below "Authentication required" ...

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