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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
6914RedmineFeatureNewAllow reporter to opt out from receiving email updates2016-04-27 12:38Email notifications
13295RedmineFeatureNewAllow REST API to create objects with specific dates2013-02-26 15:16REST API
19583RedmineFeatureNewAllow restriction of Issue Relations as per other Field Permissions2015-04-10 11:22Permissions and roles
21848RedmineFeatureNewAllow restrictions to status change based on custom field, but different based on role2016-01-26 12:14Issues workflow
4705RedminePatchNewAllow selection of up to five fields in timelog report2010-02-01 13:27Time tracking
34070RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting a grace period when forcing 2FA2022-03-18 19:05Accounts / authentication
6721RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting issue assignment by username via REST interface2012-01-09 05:17REST API
4522RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting of custom fields in redmine:email:receive_imap2014-12-26 17:50Email receiving
18126RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting up version hierarchy2016-06-27 06:47Roadmap
19335RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting user account settings to read-only fields (especially when using LDAP)2015-03-10 22:35Permissions and roles
23385RedmineFeatureNewAllow sharing a version to a particular project2018-02-28 16:35Project settings
1213RedmineFeatureNewAllow Slashes in wiki URLs2021-11-24 14:09Wiki
4162RedmineFeatureNewAllow static urls for searches2009-11-03 21:39Search engine
35747RedmineFeatureNewAllow style attribute for HTML elements in CommonMark formatter2021-08-12 09:13Text formatting
11579RedmineFeatureNewAllow sub task assignees to view parent task2012-08-03 16:02Issues permissions
35796RedmineFeatureNewAllow subject and priority issue attributes (i.e. tracker fields) to be disablable2021-08-22 07:22Issues
6920RedmineFeatureNewAllow subtasks to be affected to a different target version2013-11-15 23:34Issues
13141RedmineFeatureNewAllow subtasks to cross projects in Gantt View2023-01-13 13:07Gantt
688RedmineFeatureReopenedAllow the same email for two accounts2016-04-29 17:19Accounts / authentication
35647RedmineFeatureNewAllow the user to properly override Setting.display_subprojects_issues on Issue Reports if a project has subprojects2021-08-03 02:31Issues planning
22861RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAllow themes to override responsive style sheet.2016-05-30 10:17Themes
13596RedmineFeatureNewAllow time logging only for open issues2013-11-18 10:03Time tracking
5417RedmineFeatureNewAllow Time Tracking Directly against a Version2010-04-30 15:48Time tracking
2792RedmineFeatureNewallow title on any link2017-10-11 17:16Text formatting
34981RedmineFeatureNewAllow to change a project identifier2021-07-27 11:55Project settings
23066RedmineFeatureNewAllow to create and assign missing categories when copying tickets to another project2016-06-14 09:09Issues
32009RedmineFeatureNewAllow to directly edit Issues2019-09-04 12:21Issues
8168RedmineFeatureNewAllow to disable feature attachment2020-02-21 13:40Attachments
12156RedmineFeatureNewAllow to fill out given customfield with specific value via a commit message2012-10-21 20:33SCM
24526RedmineFeatureNewAllow to flag selected issues status as "draft" suppressing notifications and activity-entries for this status values2016-12-03 17:21Issues workflow
5686RedmineFeatureNewAllow to hide custom fields based on value of core fields (status)2013-01-27 04:57Custom fields
9282RedmineFeatureNewAllow to replace default subject in issues with custom field2011-09-20 09:47Issues
8760RedmineFeatureNewAllow to set issue assignee to yourself using special keywords in mail2011-10-05 19:16Email receiving
24884RedmineFeatureNewAllow to set which fields should be visible for child issue on their's parent issue2017-01-20 11:49Issues
23448RedmineFeatureNewAllow updating existing issues via CSV import when their ID's are the same2022-12-16 10:52Importers
12844RedmineFeatureNewAllow upper-case letters in project identifiers2014-01-31 09:40Project settings
19066RedmineFeatureNewAllow URL template field in "Email footer"2015-03-10 06:29Email notifications
11434RedmineFeatureNewallow use autodetected host_name2012-12-14 10:53
242RedmineFeatureNewAllow user to edit own custom fields + user search2021-06-04 12:17Custom fields
15181RedmineFeatureNewAllow user to have a default profile whatever the authenticate method2013-10-23 20:48Permissions and roles
2597RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to choose on which specific events they want to be notified2010-01-08 14:51Email notifications
37365RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to choose textile or markdown formatting2022-08-02 10:24Text formatting
3852RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to comment on issues without having to go through Update2012-05-03 08:08Issues
17599RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to edit issues without adding notes.2016-06-10 10:20Permissions and roles
27731RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to view and comment on their own issues, even if moved into a project where they don't have access.2017-12-06 06:05Issues permissions
35138RedmineFeatureReopenedAllow Version custom fields to be searchable2021-05-13 10:45Search engine
3559RedmineFeatureNewAllow viewing of sub-revision in Bazaar VCS revision history2011-01-18 07:14SCM
18257RedmineFeatureNewAllow wiki macros to define the markup used for their documentation2014-11-14 03:49Wiki
2516RedmineFeatureNewAllow word-wrapping in pre tags in Textile2014-11-07 14:11UI
31349RedmineFeatureNewAllowing non-admin to create/edit custom queries shared among projects2020-05-26 14:01Issues filter
7664RedminePatchNewAllowing plugins to add an option for the default gravatar2011-04-11 10:01Plugin API
8208RedmineFeatureNewAllowing user accounts without password and disallowing login2011-04-22 10:46Accounts / authentication
37281RedmineFeatureNewAllows an option to temporarily mute email notification per user and/or per role2022-06-25 21:54Email notifications
13600RedmineFeatureNewAllows specifying "canned responses"2015-09-08 14:58Issues
666RedmineFeatureNewAlow for custom filters for e-mail notifications2013-03-18 16:40Email notifications
28678RedmineFeatureNewAlow to filter projects where the specific role is used2018-05-05 09:24Projects
14841RedmineFeatureNewAlso dump History information while exporting issues as CSV or PDF file.2013-09-04 09:25Issues
7080RedmineFeatureNewAlternate default activity in time logging2018-08-07 06:34Time tracking
1837RedmineFeatureNewAlternate method for repository creation2008-10-07 14:15SCM
11344RedmineFeatureNewAlternate names for Index by title/date2017-01-10 03:42Wiki
502RedmineFeatureNewAlternate way of adding files to projects2016-08-28 06:44Attachments
10975RedmineFeatureResolvedAn 'Involved In' filter2018-06-06 10:54Issues
31972RedmineDefectNewAn empty group_count badge is displayed when grouped with created_on2019-09-11 02:49UI
376RedmineFeatureNewAn option to have all the forums browsable from one place2009-11-23 01:00Forums
27300RedmineDefectNewAnnoying login prompt when accessing content on redmine.org2017-11-02 13:22Website (
6642RedmineFeatureNewanonymized issue numbers2014-08-23 18:57Issues
30176RedmineDefectConfirmedAnonymous users cannot upload attachment if added to project member 2018-12-16 20:12Attachments
675RedmineFeatureNewAnti-spam or captcha for issues2018-08-26 10:45Issues
8515RedmineFeatureNewAny other payment system for donations2011-06-03 15:49Website (
33138RedmineDefectResolvedApache crashes with and RedmineCacheCredsMax active2020-05-19 13:42SCM extra
16145RedmineDefectNewApache git Authn2014-02-21 22:47SCM extra
36848RedmineFeatureNewAPI allow display "watchers" when listing several issues2022-03-28 10:53REST API
32796RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Ability to get time entries report2020-01-13 09:21REST API
32804RedmineFeatureNewAPI - Include issue count/list in versions and/or filter by issue count2020-01-14 11:13REST API
36229RedmineDefectNewAPI - Question/Problem2021-11-23 23:44Documentation
20555RedmineFeatureNewAPI authentication via session cookie2015-08-18 14:04Accounts / authentication
27566RedmineDefectNewAPI can add custom fields journal entry although it is disabled on WEB UI2017-12-10 16:54Custom fields
7110RedmineFeatureNewApi documentation tab2010-12-14 15:41
29158RedmineDefectNewAPI don't shows value label of a costum field2018-07-01 02:16REST API
16807RedmineFeatureNewAPI for Issues with < or > signs (not followed by equal sign (=))2014-05-11 12:54REST API
7834RedmineDefectNewAPI Issue XML cannot represent empty arrays2011-03-11 11:15REST API
36544RedmineFeatureNewAPI json/xml responses based on Accept header2022-01-30 14:33REST API
21950RedmineFeatureNewAPI Metadata2020-01-27 17:19REST API
29892RedminePatchNewAPI Query. Retrieve specified columns2018-11-01 15:35REST API
29069RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAPI reports wrong date for time spent if issue start date is greater than spent_on date2018-07-03 09:12Time tracking
11727RedmineFeatureNewAPI requests validation2012-08-28 15:41REST API
29128RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackAPI: Issue Relation create does not work2018-06-28 09:36REST API
35839RedmineFeatureNewAPI: Unable to distinguish between user and group, for the assigned_to field2021-09-06 19:16REST API
8451RedminePatchNewAPI:REST patch for the Net::Redmine::API::REST Perl Module2011-05-27 14:46REST API
16427RedmineFeatureNewAppend API Rest method to configure Project module2014-03-25 16:33REST API
1376RedmineFeatureNewApplication Form for Private Projects2008-08-13 15:46Projects
2953RedmineFeatureNewapplication launch URLs not rendered as link2009-03-12 19:06Wiki
33148RedmineDefectNewapplication stuck if query with filter "Issue" and with large amount of IssueIDs2020-04-08 10:01Issues filter
29625RedmineDefectNewapplication.css imported by themes not covered by cache control versioning2021-11-05 21:48Themes
14342RedmineFeatureNewApply changes on parent issue to subtasks when copying issues2018-08-08 15:43Issues
3888RedmineFeatureNewApply styles across multiple paragraphs2009-11-11 17:33Text formatting
9750RedmineFeatureNewArchive elements in a list custom field2022-05-06 13:52Custom fields
6937RedmineFeatureNewArchive/Unarchive reasons2010-11-18 17:22Administration
9853RedmineFeatureNewAs a code inspector/reviewer, I would like to be able to review the checkins ignoring white-space changes2011-12-21 09:23SCM extra
24051RedminePatchResolvedAs a non-admin user using API, I want to be able to filter users by their username without getting forbidden exception2016-11-02 17:51REST API

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