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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
28771RedminePatchNewAllow adding multiple entities when performing multiple searches in modals2018-05-22 06:28UI
861RedmineFeatureNewAllow administrator to hide all emails2014-06-07 09:45Administration
10091RedmineFeatureNewAllow administrator to permanently disable modules2014-03-21 03:56Administration
8338RedmineFeatureNewAllow aithor updating of some core fields for issues on 2011-05-25 08:45Website (
15060RedmineFeatureNewAllow array as argument for a REST API parameter2013-12-04 22:04REST API
8629RedmineFeatureNewAllow assigning issues and/or watcher status to authenticated non members2018-04-02 18:44Issues
20364RedmineFeatureNewAllow batch-editing of project settings for multiple projects2015-07-17 10:21Project settings
25012RedmineFeatureNewAllow both '.' and ',' decimal symbols for input of float custom fields2017-03-07 06:23Custom fields
4269RedmineFeatureNewAllow ca_path option for reposman.rb to validate peer certificate2009-12-04 15:05
17900RedminePatchNewAllow change value of the time_entry object via controller_issues_edit_before_save hook from a plugin2017-06-22 17:47Issues
6504RedmineFeatureNewAllow columns compare in issue listing2010-09-27 04:43Issues
16069RedminePatchNewAllow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 1002022-03-18 19:43REST API
17474RedmineFeatureNewAllow configuration of notification level per project2014-07-16 08:34Email notifications
1325RedmineFeatureNewAllow cross page links to reference attachments.2008-11-11 10:36Wiki
15633RedmineFeatureNewAllow CSS overriding for (3rd party) module's stylesheets2014-03-12 17:14Themes
25418RedmineFeatureNewAllow Custom Field Lists to list working links2017-04-22 04:43Custom fields
24050RedmineFeatureNewAllow custom fields are displayed in the overview of tasks2016-10-11 19:17Issues filter
19327RedmineFeatureNewAllow custom fields of user format for user objects2015-03-10 18:40Custom fields
9235RedmineFeatureNewAllow custom fields to point/link to an enumeration2016-08-19 20:23Custom fields
7542RedmineFeatureNewAllow deeper structure in reports2011-02-04 12:12UI
4871RedmineFeatureNewAllow defining a Gantt charts length by dates2010-10-03 15:13Gantt
3433RedmineFeatureNewAllow deletion of Pending User, not yet activated2011-01-16 18:58Accounts / authentication
7270RedmineFeatureNewAllow descending/ascending sort on the roadmap2011-03-29 14:57Roadmap
13627RedmineFeatureNewAllow displaying custom field value in Gantt issue quick information tooltip2013-04-02 05:12Gantt
11989RedmineFeatureNewAllow done ratios to be affected by status AND field2012-10-01 17:44Issues workflow
34695RedmineFeatureNewAllow editing the issue description immediately (issue editing form)2021-02-16 14:51Issues
1616RedminePatchNewAllow email to create and reply to forum messages2018-05-21 16:10Email receiving
14420RedmineFeatureNewAllow emails from a locked account to be overridden and credited to anonymous user2014-08-15 15:58Email receiving
23895RedmineFeatureNewAllow emails with Auto-Submitted2016-10-10 18:31Email receiving
25808RedmineFeatureNewAllow import issues and time entries on multiple projects (map Project field to a column from CSV)2023-03-13 13:06Importers
32168RedmineDefectNewAllow issue id with "#" prefix for the value of issue ids filter2019-10-02 08:26Issues filter
23882RedmineFeatureNewAllow issue number in allow_overrides2016-09-21 15:42Email receiving
4571RedminePatchNewAllow labels for Redmine links2010-01-13 15:40Text formatting
1722RedmineFeatureNewAllow linking between release and docs2008-07-31 14:38Wiki
6450RedminePatchNewAllow localized date input and correctly transform for custom date fields2012-08-12 17:31Custom fields
12029RedmineFeatureNewAllow lower case logins only2021-11-25 02:30Accounts / authentication
12338RedminePatchNewAllow MailHandler to submit to a specific issue2012-11-12 08:11Email receiving
11424RedmineFeatureNewAllow more than one javascript library for themes2017-07-16 04:12Themes
9197RedmineFeatureNewAllow more than one parent issue for a single issue2013-10-15 23:01Issues
5283RedmineFeatureNewAllow more than one parent project i.e. share subprojects2020-10-27 12:37Projects
11537RedmineFeatureNewAllow multiple default values for custom fields2022-12-29 10:36Custom fields
16818RedmineFeatureNewAllow multiple relationships between two issues2019-01-10 04:25Issues
14735RedminePatchNewAllow negative time entries2018-12-18 12:10Time tracking
32085RedmineFeatureNewAllow newline as a separator in "Allowed extensions", "Disallowed extensions", "Exclude attachments by name" field in Administration2022-03-21 21:08Administration
18720RedmineFeatureNewAllow non logged in users to change the displayed language2014-12-25 23:13UI
25154RedminePatchNewAllow non-administrator users to copy certain projects2019-06-22 01:04Projects
8095RedmineFeatureNewAllow overriding the default text formatting in each project2023-03-02 11:01Text formatting
33702RedmineDefectNewAllow pasting dates into date fields2020-07-08 04:59UI
7376RedmineFeatureNewAllow percent done to be updated via VCS commit message2021-01-22 13:51SCM
5095RedmineFeatureNewallow plugins to add controllers and actions to existing permissions2014-03-05 16:42Plugin API
13690RedmineFeatureNewAllow plugins to be able to add relationship types2013-04-10 15:01Plugin API
13068RedminePatchNewAllow plugins to generate test coverage reports on MRI 1.92013-02-15 23:44
8215RedmineFeatureNewAllow plugins to register as a search provider without a project association2011-10-27 01:15Search engine
1365RedmineFeatureNewAllow Project by Project setting of a 'Default' Tracker value including nil2016-07-22 09:51Issues
805RedmineFeatureNewAllow projects view to be sorted by activity2023-03-17 07:17Projects
18220RedmineFeatureNewAllow Redmine to run as a Rails Engine2014-12-09 15:17
32461RedminePatchNewAllow Redmine:MyPage to be overriden in plugins2019-11-15 00:48My page
5542RedmineFeatureNewAllow register users to add/remove themselves from a project2011-12-09 23:28Permissions and roles
12813RedminePatchNewAllow replies to original issue e-mail to add issue notes2016-05-11 14:18Email receiving
6914RedmineFeatureNewAllow reporter to opt out from receiving email updates2016-04-27 12:38Email notifications
13295RedmineFeatureNewAllow REST API to create objects with specific dates2013-02-26 15:16REST API
19583RedmineFeatureNewAllow restriction of Issue Relations as per other Field Permissions2015-04-10 11:22Permissions and roles
21848RedmineFeatureNewAllow restrictions to status change based on custom field, but different based on role2016-01-26 12:14Issues workflow
4705RedminePatchNewAllow selection of up to five fields in timelog report2010-02-01 13:27Time tracking
34070RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting a grace period when forcing 2FA2022-03-18 19:05Accounts / authentication
6721RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting issue assignment by username via REST interface2012-01-09 05:17REST API
4522RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting of custom fields in redmine:email:receive_imap2014-12-26 17:50Email receiving
18126RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting up version hierarchy2016-06-27 06:47Roadmap
19335RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting user account settings to read-only fields (especially when using LDAP)2015-03-10 22:35Permissions and roles
23385RedmineFeatureNewAllow sharing a version to a particular project2018-02-28 16:35Project settings
1213RedmineFeatureNewAllow Slashes in wiki URLs2021-11-24 14:09Wiki
4162RedmineFeatureNewAllow static urls for searches2009-11-03 21:39Search engine
35747RedmineFeatureNewAllow style attribute for HTML elements in CommonMark formatter2021-08-12 09:13Text formatting
11579RedmineFeatureNewAllow sub task assignees to view parent task2012-08-03 16:02Issues permissions
35796RedmineFeatureNewAllow subject and priority issue attributes (i.e. tracker fields) to be disablable2021-08-22 07:22Issues
6920RedmineFeatureNewAllow subtasks to be affected to a different target version2013-11-15 23:34Issues
13141RedmineFeatureNewAllow subtasks to cross projects in Gantt View2023-01-13 13:07Gantt
35647RedmineFeatureNewAllow the user to properly override Setting.display_subprojects_issues on Issue Reports if a project has subprojects2021-08-03 02:31Issues planning
13596RedmineFeatureNewAllow time logging only for open issues2013-11-18 10:03Time tracking
5417RedmineFeatureNewAllow Time Tracking Directly against a Version2010-04-30 15:48Time tracking
2792RedmineFeatureNewallow title on any link2017-10-11 17:16Text formatting
34981RedmineFeatureNewAllow to change a project identifier2021-07-27 11:55Project settings
23066RedmineFeatureNewAllow to create and assign missing categories when copying tickets to another project2016-06-14 09:09Issues
32009RedmineFeatureNewAllow to directly edit Issues2019-09-04 12:21Issues
8168RedmineFeatureNewAllow to disable feature attachment2020-02-21 13:40Attachments
12156RedmineFeatureNewAllow to fill out given customfield with specific value via a commit message2012-10-21 20:33SCM
24526RedmineFeatureNewAllow to flag selected issues status as "draft" suppressing notifications and activity-entries for this status values2016-12-03 17:21Issues workflow
5686RedmineFeatureNewAllow to hide custom fields based on value of core fields (status)2013-01-27 04:57Custom fields
9282RedmineFeatureNewAllow to replace default subject in issues with custom field2011-09-20 09:47Issues
8760RedmineFeatureNewAllow to set issue assignee to yourself using special keywords in mail2011-10-05 19:16Email receiving
24884RedmineFeatureNewAllow to set which fields should be visible for child issue on their's parent issue2017-01-20 11:49Issues
23448RedmineFeatureNewAllow updating existing issues via CSV import when their ID's are the same2023-02-16 17:45Importers
12844RedmineFeatureNewAllow upper-case letters in project identifiers2014-01-31 09:40Project settings
19066RedmineFeatureNewAllow URL template field in "Email footer"2015-03-10 06:29Email notifications
11434RedmineFeatureNewallow use autodetected host_name2012-12-14 10:53
242RedmineFeatureNewAllow user to edit own custom fields + user search2021-06-04 12:17Custom fields
15181RedmineFeatureNewAllow user to have a default profile whatever the authenticate method2013-10-23 20:48Permissions and roles
2597RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to choose on which specific events they want to be notified2010-01-08 14:51Email notifications
3852RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to comment on issues without having to go through Update2012-05-03 08:08Issues
17599RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to edit issues without adding notes.2016-06-10 10:20Permissions and roles

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