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13344RedmineFeatureNewXMPP URI support2013-04-01 22:31Text formatting
14893RedmineFeatureNewSupport for non-braking space in formatted text2013-10-20 18:31Text formatting
15333RedmineFeatureNewoEmbed Support for tickets/wiki2013-11-12 17:44Text formatting
15686RedmineFeatureNewCannot use branch names with slash in links2016-02-05 04:59Text formatting
16779RedmineFeatureNewMake all kind of URL a html link2015-08-19 10:56Text formatting
17060RedmineFeatureNewCustom text formatting for issue links2014-07-14 20:42Text formatting
17304RedmineFeatureNewLinking to Resources, # ID Numbers2014-06-26 01:43Text formatting
17455RedmineFeatureNewEasier anchor linking / Textile anchor links2019-07-22 14:38Text formatting
18397RedmineFeatureNewOutline numbering2015-03-27 12:41Text formatting
19226RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to display diff directly in comment2015-03-29 05:40Text formatting
20283RedmineFeatureNewRich text formatting support2015-10-22 07:49Text formatting
20620RedmineFeatureNewAdd javascript variable for selected markup language2015-08-28 09:46Text formatting
21443RedmineFeatureNewLinks to resources in Markdown2019-10-23 16:40Text formatting
21444RedmineFeatureNewQuotes in links to source files with spaces only around file name2015-12-23 05:35Text formatting
21785RedmineFeatureNewWiki: macro Panel2019-03-07 07:10Text formatting
22005RedmineFeatureNewRake task for converting from Textile to Markdown2016-07-22 03:59Text formatting
23616RedmineFeatureNewwiki-attached image inline in issue2021-11-01 01:37Text formatting
24038RedmineFeatureNewProseMirror as a WYSIWYM editor2016-10-10 14:46Text formatting
24662RedmineFeatureNewAdd option to remove trailing whitespace on saving wiki pages2017-01-09 12:13Text formatting
26465RedmineFeatureNewMake the format of issue links configurable2018-09-10 22:32Text formatting
26968RedmineFeatureNewIntegrate Mediawiki's VisualEditor2020-12-30 11:53Text formatting
27093RedmineFeatureNewSupport for additional formats for issue autolinks2017-10-28 06:33Text formatting
28823RedmineFeatureNewMulti-format markup for text fields2018-05-21 08:21Text formatting
29187RedmineFeatureNewAdd image to a wiki page who's attached to another wiki page2021-11-01 01:37Text formatting
29595RedmineFeatureNewHyperlinks with dash | m-files://2018-09-12 14:00Text formatting
29617RedmineFeatureNewPage link embeds/Open graph2019-01-11 13:26Text formatting
30429RedmineFeatureNewAutomatic language detection in syntax highlighting2019-01-16 09:45Text formatting
30801RedmineFeatureNewImproved support for inline images2019-02-13 13:11Text formatting
30926RedmineFeatureNewConvert a pasted formatted text to a Textile syntax2019-02-26 20:52Text formatting
31215RedmineFeatureNewMacro child_pages should support reverse order2021-06-29 11:45Text formatting
33073RedmineFeatureNewMacro argument escaping/quoting mechanism2020-03-01 12:12Text formatting
34764RedmineFeatureNewHighlight single or multiple lines with rouge syntax highlighting2021-02-18 12:21Text formatting
35035RedmineFeatureNewRefactor text formatting to HTML::Pipeline2021-08-15 12:49Text formatting
35037RedmineFeatureNewMake wiki text section extraction less fragile2021-04-05 16:00Text formatting
35747RedmineFeatureNewAllow style attribute for HTML elements in CommonMark formatter2021-08-12 09:13Text formatting
36594RedmineFeatureNewRelax rouge version dependency in Gemfile2022-02-09 19:31Text formatting
37169RedmineFeatureNewUpdate sanitization rules to allow footnotes markup to match the original structure2022-06-16 16:57Text formatting
37365RedmineFeatureNewAllow users to choose textile or markdown formatting2022-08-02 10:24Text formatting
258RedminePatchNewTextilize document snippet on overview and activity page2011-04-27 11:18Text formatting
3437RedminePatchNewTextile parser regression with !! url2011-03-23 10:54Text formatting
4520RedminePatchNewSimplify URL Matching in Redmine2010-01-15 18:13Text formatting
4571RedminePatchNewAllow labels for Redmine links2010-01-13 15:40Text formatting
5249RedminePatchNewrel=nofollow on external links2019-10-31 04:00Text formatting
6096RedminePatchNewHighlighting Skype links in wiki2014-05-23 22:08Text formatting
9022RedminePatchNewPreserve leading zeros in #nnn issue links2011-08-10 09:35Text formatting
18778RedminePatchNewAdd new alias for issue note links ('comment')2015-01-09 04:42Text formatting
20063RedminePatchNewAdd "issue#<number>" syntax for issue links2018-09-10 22:30Text formatting
20888RedminePatchNewAdd a button in the textile formatting toolbar to convert tabulated text into a table2015-10-01 12:09Text formatting
37621RedminePatchNewField separator in CSV export options2022-10-31 05:48Text formatting
3121RedmineFeatureNewPer-project meta descriptions and keywords2011-06-24 12:07SEO
7983RedmineFeatureNewUse project description, Wiki content etc for META description2011-06-24 12:06SEO
5897RedminePatchNewUse issue/forum title in URLs for search engine optimization2019-02-03 07:56SEO
15736RedmineDefectNewWARNING: making https request to https:// ... without verifying server certificate; no CA path was specified.2013-12-18 21:27Security
17830RedmineDefectNewUser creation: clear/plaintext password sent via unencrypted email2020-11-01 14:51Security
24128RedmineDefectNewSudo-Mode : hides full stack trace2016-10-28 10:52Security
32193RedmineDefectNewAdd turn on/off button to control sending security notifications2019-10-09 09:44Security
13326RedmineFeatureNewSecurity against Administrators2013-03-14 12:33Security
13511RedmineFeatureNewAdd a way to restrict access to the "Activity" feed for a particular role2013-03-18 20:12Security
15707RedmineFeatureNewPossibility to limit user access to certain IPs and access method (Web or API)2021-08-10 07:54Security
21948RedmineFeatureNewRestrict display of the release year in the footer2016-02-04 09:12Security
29405RedmineFeatureNewSupport header Content Security Policy 2019-04-02 12:23Security
36374RedmineFeatureNewAdd sign in page caps lock indicator2021-12-31 06:53Security
6551RedmineDefectNewHighlighting in search results is case sensitive for cyrillic pattern2013-10-14 11:55Search engine
8394RedmineDefectNewHandling of html tags in search2011-05-18 15:51Search engine
8407RedmineDefectNewAll words keeps on getting checked2011-05-27 19:02Search engine
14811RedmineDefectNewInternal error with "TinyTds::Error: Adaptive Server connection timed out"2013-09-02 12:38Search engine
18862RedmineDefectNewtroubles in search (Redmine 2.5.2.stable, russian text)2015-01-19 19:25Search engine
18863RedmineDefectNewtroubles in search (Redmine 2.5.2.stable, russian text)2015-01-16 10:49Search engine
30512RedmineDefectNewSearch results with wiki formatting2019-01-28 18:17Search engine
36059RedmineDefectNewFulltext search in timelog comments2022-03-13 06:44Search engine
37008RedmineDefectNewCustom query2022-04-22 14:49Search engine
38172RedmineDefectNewSearch result displays information from other projects. 2023-01-21 09:05Search engine
306RedmineFeatureNewFull Text Search of files2019-06-20 08:50Search engine
1020RedmineFeatureNewLimit the search to a subset of projects2016-09-12 20:46Search engine
2350RedmineFeatureNewSupport redmine link syntax in search box2016-09-13 19:14Search engine
2918RedmineFeatureNewCross-project file search2009-03-07 14:07Search engine
3491RedmineFeatureNewFiltering while searching for issues2013-03-18 16:14Search engine
3555RedmineFeatureNewSearch for My Issues2009-06-30 21:41Search engine
3912RedmineFeatureNewAdd support for AND's and OR's in search2019-02-12 16:21Search engine
4162RedmineFeatureNewAllow static urls for searches2009-11-03 21:39Search engine
5098RedmineFeatureNewCustom SQL Queries2012-09-11 11:13Search engine
5492RedmineFeatureNewIssues should implement acts_as_ferret2011-05-27 16:47Search engine
5572RedmineFeatureNewBuild search queries in the address bar2010-05-21 22:31Search engine
5865RedmineFeatureNewFind changesets by searching for commit IDs (e.g. git SHA1 hashes)2010-07-10 08:16Search engine
7737RedmineFeatureNewAdd support for searching for exact words2019-04-05 09:49Search engine
8084RedmineFeatureNewQuicksearch should use the "Category" field2011-04-07 19:42Search engine
8215RedmineFeatureNewAllow plugins to register as a search provider without a project association2011-10-27 01:15Search engine
8680RedmineFeatureNewSelect all modules for search and activities2020-01-13 03:40Search engine
9180RedmineFeatureNewImprove search system for issues - like "context specific search"2014-03-03 13:29Search engine
10294RedmineFeatureNewRedmine search: improve, make better and smarter. (title matching first, then content)2015-09-19 05:45Search engine
13153RedmineFeatureNewShow search scope as a placeholder in quick search field2013-02-19 09:44Search engine
14943RedmineFeatureNewSplit the 'Status' search field2013-09-30 06:16Search engine
15010RedmineFeatureNewAbility to set a list of keywords available for issues2013-09-30 09:53Search engine
17889RedmineFeatureNewSearches should be twice faster2014-12-23 11:09Search engine
22574RedmineFeatureNewSearch function ignore not-alphanumeric data2016-04-22 08:14Search engine
22607RedmineFeatureNewSearch in custom fields and issues2016-05-21 08:21Search engine
22675RedmineFeatureNewSave search option2016-04-29 13:55Search engine
23209RedmineFeatureNewSearch critera should be extended to cover searching the user id names in journals2016-07-26 12:32Search engine
24513RedmineFeatureNewSearch result - show custom field and values in search result2016-12-01 15:03Search engine
24941RedmineFeatureNewSearch engine : Make acronyms as a priority2017-01-27 20:51Search engine

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