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1196RedmineFeatureNewAdd versioning for Files and Documents2010-10-12 13:36Projects
29594RedminePatchNewAdd view hook to insert content between issue details associated changeset section2018-10-11 01:25Hook requests
10509RedminePatchNewAdd view_groups_form hook2015-01-18 04:56Hook requests
10456RedminePatchNewAdd view_roles_form_upper_box hook2016-12-30 09:21Hook requests
6846RedmineFeatureNewAdd VIM-like keyboard shortcuts2014-06-04 01:44UI
1011RedmineFeatureNewAdd voting to tickets2019-05-05 07:03Issues
5577RedmineFeatureNewAdd Watcher based on issue category2018-02-22 21:37Issues
37224RedmineDefectNewAdd watchers to issue2023-01-10 14:27Issues permissions
31339RedmineFeatureNewAdd whitelist/blacklist mails receive/processing2019-05-10 09:10Email receiving
1120RedmineFeatureNewAdd wiki format to link to a project module2016-09-13 07:09Text formatting
1171RedmineFeatureNewAdd workflow for custom fields2014-02-12 14:39Custom fields
16717RedmineFeatureNewAdd _blank support for "Link values to URL"2018-12-03 22:16Custom fields
24435RedminePatchNewAdd `view_account_contextual` and `view_account_list_buttons` hooks2016-11-23 15:25Hook requests
9964RedmineFeatureNewAdd/change email notification informations2013-02-06 03:48Email notifications
6414RedminePatchNewAdded FLAG to to AllowAlternateAuth methods on apache2011-03-24 06:22SCM extra
24072RedminePatchNewAdded formatting for email notifications2016-10-15 06:28Email notifications
31863RedmineFeatureNewAdded in the task display of the list of identifiers of subtasks. Rest api GET /issues.[format](json, xml)2020-11-25 13:44REST API
1568RedminePatchNewAdded Support for htpasswd authentication2013-10-23 19:35Accounts / authentication
29622RedmineDefectNewAdding a 'Custom Field' to 'Activities (time tracking)' prevents time entry on project change2021-12-07 09:16Time tracking
535RedmineFeatureNewAdding a Note before sending out an Email2019-02-10 01:38Email notifications
8196RedminePatchNewAdding a project param to perl auth module2011-04-20 10:48SCM extra
7759RedmineFeatureNewadding a role having no acces to public projects2011-03-02 14:08Permissions and roles
32664RedmineDefectNewAdding an empty reply to a forum message does not show any error2020-02-04 10:33Forums
6322RedmineFeatureNewAdding categories to documetns section.2010-09-07 15:14Documents
10767RedminePatchNewAdding completed ratio support to log messages2012-06-15 04:26Time tracking
21572RedmineFeatureNewAdding custom fields to the Issue Category2016-05-12 10:37Custom fields
7079RedmineFeatureNewAdding Holidays to Calendar2012-02-15 16:23Calendar
13297RedmineFeatureNewAdding icons for different trackers2014-06-04 13:55UI
13639RedmineFeatureNewAdding information about date and time of last status change2019-11-22 11:25Issues
21570RedmineFeatureNewAdding issue hover boxes similar to the GANTT diagramm in the subtask issue table2015-12-20 00:45Issues
19662RedmineFeatureNewAdding members without leaving issue editor2015-04-19 22:36Project settings
34255RedmineDefectNewAdding new group results in Error 5002020-11-13 06:22Database
35224RedmineDefectNewAdding new project impossible with mandatory custom field of type users2021-05-14 14:05Projects
21707RedmineFeatureNewAdding per project selections for the key/value type 2016-01-13 09:56Custom fields
4191RedmineFeatureNewAdding spent time through emails2009-11-28 13:16Email receiving
6122RedmineFeatureNewAdding subtasks to "real" task (not "container" task)2013-01-15 11:29Issues
13640RedmineFeatureNewAdding summary information on Issues screen2013-03-29 11:18Issues
21568RedmineFeatureNewAdding support of logic relationship between boolean custom field values and other custom field2016-01-29 16:27Custom fields
28871RedmineDefectNewAdding the window AD activity directory to verify redmine permissions is failed2018-05-27 04:18
33016RedmineFeatureNewAdding Watchers to a News Item2021-04-07 10:00News
17071RedmineDefectNewAdding Watchers UX Is Not Clean2018-05-15 00:29Issues
10792RedmineFeatureNewAdding/deleting a sub-issue or some issue-relation should trigger an email2012-04-27 19:31Email notifications
15603RedmineFeatureNewAddition of Activity field in Custom Report2014-01-13 07:36Custom fields
409RedmineFeatureNewAdditional attributes for custom fields2018-02-20 14:47Custom fields
24069RedmineFeatureNewAdditional Data Field on Plugins: License Information2016-11-01 14:29Website (
5862RedmineFeatureNewAdditional email notification preferences2017-10-12 15:29Email notifications
22915RedmineFeatureNewAdditional filetypes (tif,tiff) for thumbnails generation2019-05-25 07:54Attachments
5530RedminePatchNewAdditional hooks on top of the issue new/edit/bulk edit views2016-12-30 09:20Hook requests
15332RedmineFeatureNewAdditional right for Issue Tracking: View related Issues2013-11-12 17:13Issues permissions
10873RedmineFeatureNewAdditional user format2013-10-01 10:43Accounts / authentication

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