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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2017-10-15 22:04

Changelog 3.3.x

3.3.5 (2017-10-15)

[PDF export]

  • Defect #25702: Exporting wiki page with specific table to PDF causes 500


  • Defect #26645: git 2.14 compatibility

[Time tracking]

  • Defect #26780: Translation for label_week in time report is not working


  • Patch #27006: German translations for 3.3-stable


  • Defect #26599: Corrupted file name when exporting a wiki page with Non-ASCII title using Microsoft's browsers


  • Defect #27186: XSS vulnerabilities

3.3.4 (2017-07-02)

[Accounts / authentication]

  • Patch #25653: Fix NoMethodError on HEAD requests to AccountController#register

[Code cleanup/refactoring]

  • Defect #26055: Three issues with Redmine::SyntaxHighlighting::CodeRay.language_supported?

[Gems support]

  • Defect #25829: mysql2 0.3 gem doesn't properly close connections


  • Patch #25861: CSV Importer - handle UndefinedConversionErrors


  • Defect #26072: Set default assignee before validation

[Issues filter]

  • Defect #25212: User profile should link to issues assigned to user or his groups

[Issues permissions]

  • Defect #25791: Bypass Tracker role-based permissions when copying issues


  • Defect #26183: Use Nokogiri 1.7.2

[Text formatting]

  • Defect #25634: Highlight language aliases are no more supported


  • Patch #26264: Simplified Chinese translation for 3.3-stable


  • Defect #25760: Clicking custom field label should not check the first option

[UI - Responsive]

  • Patch #25745: Optimize Gantt Charts for mobile screens
  • Defect #25064: Issue description edit link corrupted in low resolution

3.3.3 (2017-04-09)

  • Defect #22335: Images with non-ASCII file names are not shown in PDF
  • Defect #24271: htmlentities warning
  • Defect #24869: Circular inclusion detected when including a wiki page with the same name
  • Defect #24875: Issues API does not respect time_entries_visibility
  • Defect #24999: Mercurial 4.1 compatibility
  • Defect #25371: Git 2.9 compatibility
  • Defect #25478: Related to "no open issues" shows all issues
  • Defect #25501: Time entries query through multiple projects by issue custom field not possible anymore
  • Patch #20661: Show visible spent time link for users allowed to view time entries.
  • Patch #24778: Czech localisation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #24824: Traditional Chinese translation (to r16179)
  • Patch #24885: Japanese translation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #24948: Bulgarian translation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #25459: Portuguese translation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #25502: Russian translation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #25115: Support upload of empty files and fix invalid API response
  • Patch #25526: Revert API change in spent_hours field in issue#show
  • Defect #23793: Information leak when rendering of Wiki links
  • Defect #23803: Information leak when rendering Time Entry activities
  • Defect #24199: Stored XSS with SVG attachments
  • Defect #24307: doesn't check that the repository module is enabled on project
  • Defect #24416: Use redirect to prevent password reset tokens in referers
  • Defect #25503: Improper markup sanitization in user content

3.3.2 (2017-01-07)

  • Defect #13622: "Clear" button in Spent Time Report tab also clears global filters
  • Defect #14658: Wrong activity timezone on user page
  • Defect #14817: Redmine loses filters after deleting a spent time
  • Defect #22034: Locked users disappear from project settings
  • Defect #23922: Time Entries context menu/bulk edit shows activities not available for the time entry's project
  • Defect #24000: z-index children menu should be greater than content
  • Defect #24092: bundler error: selenium-webdriver requires Ruby version >= 2.0.
  • Defect #24156: Redmine might create many AnonymousUser and AnonymousGroup entries
  • Defect #24274: Query totals and query buttons overlaps on small screens
  • Defect #24297: Show action not allowed for time entries in closed projects
  • Defect #24311: Project field disappears when target project disallows user to edit the project
  • Defect #24348: acts_as_versioned use old style (Rails 2.x) of method call for #all
  • Defect #24595: Unarchive link for a subproject of a closed project does not work
  • Defect #24646: X-Sendfile is missing in response headers
  • Defect #24693: Spent time on subtasks should also be reassigned when deleting an issue
  • Defect #24718: Prevent from reassigning spent time to an issue that is going to be deleted
  • Defect #24722: Error when trying to reassign spent time when deleting issues from different projects
  • Patch #24003: Catalan Translation
  • Patch #24004: Spanish & Spanish (PA) Translation
  • Patch #24062: Allow only vertical reorderingin sortable lists
  • Patch #24283: Validate length of string fields
  • Patch #24296: Add tablename to siblings query to prevent AmbiguousColumn errors

3.3.1 (2016-10-10)

  • Defect #23067: Custom field List Link values to URL breaks on entries with spaces
  • Defect #23655: Restricted permissions for non member/anonymous on a given project not working
  • Defect #23839: "Invalid query" (Error 500) message with MS SQL when displaying an issue from a list grouped and sorted by fixed version
  • Defect #23841: Custom field URL spaces not decoded properly
  • Defect #22123: Totals cannot be removed completely if some columns are set in the global settings
  • Defect #23054: Clearing time entry custom fields while bulk editing results in values set to none
  • Defect #23206: Wrong filters are applied when exporting issues to CSV with blank filter
  • Defect #23246: Saving an empty Markdown image tag in Wiki pages causes internal server error
  • Defect #23829: Wrong allow-override example in rdm-mailhandler.rb
  • Defect #23152: Distinguish closed subprojects on the project overview
  • Defect #23172: Tickets can be assigned to users who are not available in specific tracker
  • Defect #23242: thumbnail macro does not render when displaying wiki content version
  • Defect #23369: encoding error in locales de.yml
  • Defect #23391: Wrong CSS classes in subtasks tree
  • Defect #23410: Error if create new issue and there is no project
  • Defect #23472: Show open issues only in "Reported Issues" on My page
  • Defect #23558: IssueImportTest#test_should_not_import_with_default_tracker_when_tracker_is_invalid fails randomly
  • Defect #23596: Filter on issue ID with between/lesser/greater operator does not work
  • Defect #23700: Creating a wiki page named "Sidebar" without proper permission raises an exception
  • Defect #23751: Tab buttons appear on pages that have no tabs
  • Defect #23766: API : creating issues with project identifier no longer possible
  • Defect #23878: Closing all subtasks causes error if default priority is not defined and priority is derived from subtasks
  • Defect #23969: Edit/delete links displayed on issue even if project is closed
  • Defect #24014: Custom fields not used in project should not be visible in spent time report
  • Patch #23117: Traditional Chinese textile and markdown help translation
  • Patch #23387: Traditional Chinese textile and markdown detailed help translation (to r15723)
  • Patch #23764: closed_on field of copied issue is always set to source issue's value
  • Patch #23269: Fix for Error: Unable to autoload constant Redmine::Version when accessing the time report in first request
  • Patch #23278: When creating issues by receiving an email, watchers created via CC in the mail don't get an email notification
  • Patch #23389: Print Styles get overriden by responsive media query
  • Patch #23708: Too long words in subtasks break layout
  • Patch #23883: iOS 10 ignore disabled Zoom
  • Patch #23134: Updated Korean locale
  • Patch #23153: Plugin hooks for custom search results
  • Patch #23171: Simplified Chinese translation for 3.3-stable
  • Patch #23180: Make the issue id from email notifications linkable to issue page
  • Patch #23334: Issue#editable_custom_field_values very slow for issues with many custom fields
  • Patch #23346: Set user's localization before redirecting on forced password change to generate flash message in current user's language
  • Patch #23376: Downloading of attachments with MIME type text/javascript fails
  • Patch #23497: Russian translation for 3.3.0
  • Patch #23587: Sudo-Mode refinements
  • Patch #23725: Updated Brazilian translation for 3.3.0.stable
  • Patch #23745: German translation for 3.3-stable

3.3.0 (2016-06-19)

  • Defect #5880: Only consider open subtasks when computing the priority of a parent issue
  • Defect #8628: "Related to" reference may yield circular dependency error message
  • Defect #12893: Copying an issue does not copy parent task id
  • Defect #13654: Can't set parent issue when issue relations among child issues are present
  • Defect #15777: Watched issues count on "My page" is shown for all issues instead of only open ones
  • Defect #17580: After copying a task, setting the parent as the orignal task's parent triggers an error
  • Defect #19924: Adding subtask takes very long
  • Defect #20882: % done: progress bar blocked at 80 in the issue list
  • Defect #21037: Issue show : bullet points not aligned if sub-task is in a different project
  • Defect #21433: "version-completed" class is never set when version has no due date
  • Defect #21674: The LDAP connection test does not check the credentials
  • Defect #21695: Warning "Can't mass-assign protected attributes for IssueRelation: issue_to_id"
  • Defect #21742: Received text attachments doesn't hold the original encoding on Ruby >= 2.1
  • Defect #21855: Gravatar get images over http instead https
  • Defect #21856: I18n backend does not support original i18n Pluralization
  • Defect #21861: typo: s/creditentials/credentials/
  • Defect #22059: Issue percentage selector extends screen border
  • Defect #22115: Text in the "removed" part of a wiki diff is double-escaped
  • Defect #22123: Totals cannot be removed completely if some columns are set in the global settings
  • Defect #22135: Semi colon is spelled semicolon
  • Defect #22405: SQL server: non ASCII filter does not work
  • Defect #22493: Test code bug in application_helper_test
  • Defect #22745: Rest API for Custom Fields does not return keys for key/value types
  • Defect #23044: Typo in Azerbaijani general_lang_name
  • Defect #23054: Clearing time entry custom fields while bulk editing results in values set to none
  • Defect #23067: Custom field List Link values to URL breaks on entries with spaces
  • Feature #285: Tracker role-based permissioning
  • Feature #1725: Delete button on comments
  • Feature #4266: Display changeset comment on repository diff view.
  • Feature #4806: Filter the issue list by issue ids
  • Feature #5536: Simplify Wiki Page creation ("Add Page" link)
  • Feature #5754: Allow addition of watchers via bulk edit context menu
  • Feature #6204: Make the "New issue" menu item optional
  • Feature #7017: Add watchers from To and Cc fields in issue replies
  • Feature #7839: Limit trackers for new issue to certain roles
  • Feature #12456: Add units in history for estimated time
  • Feature #12909: Drag'n'drop order configuration for statuses, trackers, roles...
  • Feature #13718: Accept dots in JSONP callback
  • Feature #14462: Previous/next links may be lost after editing the issue
  • Feature #14574: "I don't want to be notified of changes that I make myself" as Default for all User
  • Feature #14830: REST API : Add support for attaching file to Wiki pages
  • Feature #14937: Code highlighting toolbar button
  • Feature #15880: Consistent, global button/menu to add new content
  • Feature #20985: Include private_notes property in xml/json Journals output
  • Feature #21125: Removing attachment after rollback transaction
  • Feature #21421: Security Notifications when security related things are changed
  • Feature #21500: Add the "Hide my email address" option on the registration form
  • Feature #21757: Add Total spent hours and Estimated hours to the REST API response
  • Feature #22018: Add id and class for easier styling of query filters
  • Feature #22058: Show image attachments and repo entries instead of downloading them
  • Feature #22147: Change "Related issues" label for generic grouped query filters
  • Feature #22381: Require password reset on initial setup for default admin account
  • Feature #22383: Support of default Active Record (I18n) transliteration paths
  • Feature #22482: Respond with "No preview available" instead of sending the file when no preview is available
  • Feature #22951: Make Tracker and Status map-able for CSV import
  • Feature #22987: Ruby 2.3 support
  • Feature #23020: Default assigned_to when receiving emails
  • Feature #23107: Update CodeRay to v1.1.1.
  • Patch #3551: Additional case of USER_FORMAT, #{lastname}#{firstname} without any sperator
  • Patch #6277: REST API for Search
  • Patch #14680: Change Simplified Chinese translation for version 'field_effective_date'
  • Patch #14828: Patch to add support for deleting attachments via API
  • Patch #19468: Replace jQuery UI Datepicker with native browser date fields when available
  • Patch #20632: Tab left/right buttons for project menu
  • Patch #21256: Use CSS instead of image_tag() to show icons for better theming support
  • Patch #21282: Remove left position from gantt issue tooltip
  • Patch #21434: Additional CSS class for version status
  • Patch #21474: Adding issue css classes to subtasks and relations tr
  • Patch #21497: Tooltip on progress bar
  • Patch #21541: Russian translation improvement
  • Patch #21582: Performance in User#roles_for_project
  • Patch #21583: Use association instead of a manual JOIN in Project#rolled_up_trackers
  • Patch #21587: Additional view hook for body_top
  • Patch #21611: Do not collect ids of subtree in Query#project_statement
  • Patch #21628: Correct Turkish translation
  • Patch #21632: Updated Estonian translation
  • Patch #21663: Wrap textilizable with DIV containing wiki class
  • Patch #21678: Add missing wiki container for news comments
  • Patch #21685: Change Spanish Panama thousand delimiters and separator
  • Patch #21738: Add .sql to mime-types
  • Patch #21747: Catalan translation
  • Patch #21776: Add status, assigned_to and done_ratio classes to issue subtasks
  • Patch #21805: Improve accessibility for icon-only links
  • Patch #21931: Simplified Chinese translation for 3.3 (some fixes)
  • Patch #21942: Fix Czech translation of field_time_entries_visibility
  • Patch #21944: Bugfix: Hide custom field link values from being shown when value is empty
  • Patch #21947: Improve page header title for deeply nested project structures (+ improved XSS resilience)
  • Patch #21963: German translations change
  • Patch #21985: Increase space between menu items
  • Patch #21991: Japanese wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html translation improvement
  • Patch #22078: Incorrect French translation of :setting_issue_group_assignment
  • Patch #22126: Update for Lithuanian translation
  • Patch #22138: fix Korean translation typo
  • Patch #22277: Add id to issue query forms to ease styling within themes
  • Patch #22309: Add styles for blockquote in email notifications
  • Patch #22315: Change English translation for field_effective_date: "Date" to "Due date"
  • Patch #22320: Respect user's timezone when comparing / parsing Dates
  • Patch #22345: Trackers that have parent_issue_id in their disabled_core_fields should not be selectable for new child issues
  • Patch #22376: Change Japanese translation for label_issue_watchers
  • Patch #22401: Notify the user of missing attachments
  • Patch #22496: Add text wrap for multiple value list custom fields
  • Patch #22506: Updated Korean locale data
  • Patch #22693: Add styles for pre in email notifications
  • Patch #22724: Change Japanese translation for "last name" and "first name"
  • Patch #22756: Edit versions links on the roadmap
  • Patch #23021: fix Russian "setting_thumbnails_enabled" misspelling
  • Patch #23065: Fix confusing Japanese translation for permission_manage_related_issues
  • Patch #23083: Allow filtering for system-shared versions in version custom fields in the global issues view